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Romney Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying: Mitt Romney Is "The Right Man At The Right Time"

November 04, 2012

"A Real Change" ... "The Turnaround Expert" ... "Potential To Put America Back To Work" ... "The Right Choice" ... "A New Direction"

Augusta Chronicle [GA]: Mitt Romney "Is Precisely The Right Man At The Right Time To Fix What's Wrong In Washington And Get This Country Moving Again." "In contrast, Mitt Romney is a proven leader with unquestioned success in both the private and public sectors. He saved the 2002 Winter Olympics, and at a time when this nation needed a morale boost. He worked hand-in-glove with Democrats as governor of heavily Democratic Massachusetts. And, of course, he knows how the economy works and how jobs are created. He is precisely the right man at the right time to fix what's wrong in Washington and get this country moving again." (Editorial, "President Of The United States: Mitt Romney," Augusta Chronicle, 11/4/12)

New Hampshire Union Leader: "We Think The Right Choice Is Romney-Ryan." "It is too often said, but this really is a very important election. Nationally, we will have either four more years of deficit spending and government expansion under President Obama and Joe Biden, or at least the chance of restoring the economy and reining in the government under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. We think the right choice is Romney-Ryan." (Editorial, "Choices Are Clear -- Lamontagne, Romney," New Hampshire Union Leader, 11/3/12)

Tulsa World [OK]: "President Obama's Intentions Were Good But He Did Not Accomplish His Mission ... A New Direction Is Needed. Mitt Romney Has The Better Compass." "Tuesday's election comes down to a sense of mission. President Obama's intentions were good but he did not accomplish his mission; he is unlikely to do so in a second term given the composition of Congress and the deep divisions within the populace. A new direction is needed. Mitt Romney has the better compass." (Editorial, "For Romney," Tulsa World, 11/4/12)

The Star Press [IN]: "Change Is What's Needed To Jump Start The American Economy. That Change Is More Likely To Happen Under Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney." "President Barack Obama rode a wave of support into the White House on a promise of hope and change. Four years later, little has changed and hope is not much more than an afterthought. ... To use Obama's former catchphrase, change is what's needed to jump start the American economy. That change is more likely to happen under former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney." (Editorial, "Change Of Leadership Needed For Our Nation," The Star Press, 11/4/12)

The San Diego Union-Tribune [CA]: "Let's Bring In The Turnaround Expert. Let's Elect Mitt Romney To Be President." "More so than any presidential candidate in memory, Romney is credible when he makes the case that the best way to control debt isn't just by cutting spending, it's by creating a roaring, revenue- and job-creating economy. He knows what the private sector needs to accomplish this: certainty about taxes; reasonable regulations; and an end to bureaucrats' indifference to the effects of their decrees. ... We think he's absolutely right. Let's bring in the turnaround expert. Let's elect Mitt Romney to be president." (Editorial, "Bring In The Turnaround Expert: The Case For Romney," The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/3/12)

Republican American [CT]: "It's Time For A Real Change, And Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Is Uniquely Qualified To Serve As President At This Time." "It's time for a real change, and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to serve as president at this time. Mr. Romney's experience as a businessman would be invaluable. He has vowed to stem the regulatory tide that has made it so difficult for American businesses to operate. As Mr. Romney frequently points out, he has a lifetime of experience in balancing budgets." (Editorial, "Mitt Romney For President," Republican American, 11/4/12)

The Norwich Bulletin [CT]: "Romney's Experience Is Exactly What Our Country Needs Today.""We believe electing Romney will send a jolt of excitement throughout the business world that will lead to greater job creation, conversion of dollars currently held by corporations into productive investments and an America where success is rewarded. We believe this would be a good thing. ... But it's time for a change, and we urge readers to seriously consider voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket." (Editorial, "Romney's Experience Is Exactly What Our Country Needs Today," The Norwich Bulletin, 11/3/12)

Newsday [NY]: "Romney's Potential To Put America Back To Work Earns Him Our Endorsement." "Had Barack Obama done the job of president with the same passion and vision he displayed in seeking it, he would likely deserve another term. He did not. ... Romney's potential to put America back to work earns him our endorsement. Obama's failure to accelerate the improvement of the economy is the dominant reason Romney is the right choice, but it's not the only one. There are also the broken promises." (Editorial, "Elect Mitt Romney President Of The United States," Newsday, 11/3/12)

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