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Romney Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying: Governor Christie's "Powerful" Keynote Address

August 29, 2012

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "A Powerful, Powerful Keynote Address." BLITZER: "All right. So there you have it, Chris Christie delivering a powerful, powerful keynote address." (CNN, 8/28/12)

PBS's Judy Woodruff: "Literally Bringing The Crowd To Its Feet..." WOODRUFF: "New Jersey Governor Chris Christie literally bringing the crowd to its feet, firing up the Republican troops, a speech full of energy, full of strong words, no ambiguity Gwen from Governor Christie that Mitt Romney is the man to turn this country around." (PBS, 8/28/12)

  • Woodruff: "A Very Strong A Kick Off For This Fall Campaign For Mitt Romney." WOODRUFF: "I kept thinking Bill Clinton has a tough job next week when he gives the keynote. He's a great speaker but this is a very strong a kick off for this fall campaign for Mitt Romney." (PBS, 8/28/12)

The Associated Press: "With A Rowdy Fist-Pump, Blunt And Brash New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Lit A Fire Tuesday Night Under The Republican National Convention..." "With a rowdy fist-pump, blunt and brash New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lit a fire Tuesday night under the Republican National Convention, labeling Democratic President Barack Obama part of the complacent status quo." (The Associated Press, 8/28/12)

Fox News: "Chris Christie Brought The Tough Love, The Swagger, The Fight -- And Even The Boss -- To Tampa Tuesday Night." (Fox News, 8/28/12)

The Washington Post's Dan Balz: "He Offered Up The Trademark Combination Of Jersey Pride, Humor, Direct Talk And Sharp Words..." "He offered up the trademark combination of Jersey pride, humor, direct talk and sharp words aimed at President Obama — things that have made him a folk hero to conservatives." (The Washington Post, 8/28/12)

CNN's Erin Burnett: "Powerful..." BURNETT: "Certainly seems like both of those speeches were powerful in totally different ways." (CNN, 8/28/12)

Reuters' Steve Holland: "Drew Sustained Applause From The Thousands Of Delegates Who Gathered To Formally Nominate Romney..." "The rotund, combative governor drew sustained applause from the thousands of delegates who gathered to formally nominate Romney as their candidate to face Democratic President Barack Obama in the November 6 election." (Reuters, 8/28/12)

The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan: "Important ... Serious ... Really Hopeful." NOONAN: "I thought Chris Christie's speech was big. I thought it was important in a number of ways. I had a funny feeling as I was watching it in the stands at one moment. ... I thought he had a serious statement. I thought it was really hopeful." (Fox News, 8/28/12)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Salena Zito: "Boom Chris Christie Nails It" (, 8/29/12)

NBC New York: "Tough-Talking N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Fires Up GOP In Convention Keynote" (NBC New York, 8/28/12)

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