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Romney Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying About President Obama's "Failure To Lead"

September 12, 2012

"Conveyed Weakness" ... "Lack Of Leadership" ... "Totally Unacceptable"

Senator Lindsey Graham: "The American Disengagement, Lack Of Leadership, Leading From Behind Is Leading To Uncertainty And Doubt On All Fronts." (Fox News' "Happening Now," 9/12/12)

Senator Jim DeMint: "Governor Romney Is Absolutely Right..." DEMINT:"Governor Romney is absolutely right, there is no justification for these deadly attacks and we should never apologize for American freedom." (Sen. Jim DeMint, Statement, 9/12/12)

Senator James Inhofe: "Sadly, America Has Suffered As A Result Of President Obama's Failure To Lead And His Failed Foreign Policy Of Appeasement And Apology."(Foreign Policy, 9/12/12)

House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon: "Again And Again Under President Obama We Have Met Threats And Thugs With Apologies And Concessions."(Rep. Buck McKeon, Statement, 9/12/12)

Representative Dana Rohrabacher: "Today's White House Response To The Violent Attacks In Libya And Egypt Was Totally Unacceptable, As Was, The Disgraceful Statement Issued By The Embassy In Cairo." "Today's White House response to the violent attacks in Libya and Egypt was totally unacceptable, as was, the disgraceful statement issued by the Embassy in Cairo. ... The State Department should issue an immediate apology to the American people and fire those officials responsible for the initial statement. The White House and State Department responses go beyond the realm of simple diplomacy." (Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Statement, 9/12/12)

Representative Randy Forbes: "What Mitt Romney Was Doing Was Recognizing That This Is An Administration Whose Foreign Policy Certainly Is Collapsing In Many Parts Around The World..." "I think what Mitt Romney was doing was recognizing that this is an administration whose foreign policy certainly is collapsing in many parts around the world, whether it's in Europe where he pulled out our missile defense systems, only to get the Russians to spend more money on military instead of less." (The Hill, 9/12/12)

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton:"I Agree With Your Characterization Of The Obama Statement. I Thought It Conveyed Weakness." BOLTON: "I agree with your characterization of the Obama statement. I thought it conveyed weakness again. And I think when you look at the big picture, I am very worried that the failure to make it clear publicly as well as privately that there are consequences when our ambassadors are killed, when our people are put in jeopardy, and other Americans, not just the official Americans, private citizens in the region are in jeopardy as well." (Fox Business Network's "Markets Now," 9/12/12)

Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol: "Romney Is Right To Bring Home The Weakness Of The Obama Administration..." "Romney is right to bring home the weakness of the Obama administration, exemplified in the disgraceful statement issued yesterday, September 11, by the American embassy in Cairo—a statement, I believe, that would have to have been cleared by the State Department." (Weekly Standard, 9/12/12)

Baltimore Sun Editorial: "Mitt Romney Has A Point In Criticizing Some Of The Obama Administration's Statements About The Attack."(Baltimore Sun, 9/12/12)

American Enterprise Institute's Gary Schmitt: "Leading From Behind Does Have Consequences ... Including Instability, Lost Opportunities." "And Gary Schmitt of AEI observed in an email to me that 'the administration made much to do about its success in Libya, both removing Qaddafi and not getting our shoes muddy by having a presence in post-tyrant Libya. Well, leading from behind does have consequences...including instability, lost opportunities.'" (The Washington Post, 9/12/12)

The Washington Examiner's Byron York: "Romney Was, And Is, Right."(The Washington Examiner, 9/12/12)

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin: "Today Is Significant Because It Is A Dramatic Demonstration Of A Failed Approach To The World. ... Obama Has No Right To Insist He Is Beyond Criticism." "Today is significant because it is a dramatic demonstration of a failed approach to the world. Weakness invites attacks, disloyalty to allies encourages foes. And Obama has no right to insist he is beyond criticism." (The Washington Post, 9/12/12)

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