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Romney Campaign Press Release - What They're Really Saying About Governor Mitt Romney At The New Hampshire GOP Debate - Vol. II

June 05, 2007


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National Review's Rich Lowry: "Romney's Answer on War on Terror: Quite good (and he was shrewd to get off the tactical nuke thing quickly with a simple no-option-off-the-table)." (Rich Lowry, "The Corner," National Review Blog,, 6/5/07)

Townhall's Hugh Hewitt Said Romney "Looked And Sounded Great." (Hugh Hewitt, "We Are Not Going To Build Fences And Barriers,", Accessed 6/5/07)

Political Strategist Mike Murphy: "I Thought [Romney] Had A Good Performance Tonight." "And I'll quickly defend Mitt Romney. I thought he had a good performance tonight. And I thought it was impressive that he brought up China, which is a huge economic issue that I think is going to play big in the general election. I thought he was very clear about Iraq, which is 'fight terror.'" (CNN's "Post-Debate Coverage," 6/5/07)

Captain's Quarters' Edward Morrissey: "How many times will Romney have to answer for his religion, and why does he have to do it at all? Romney gave a gracious and tenacious answer, which should be the last time he has to answer it." (Edward Morrissey, "Romney gets the Mormon question... again...," Heading Right,, 6/5/07)

Hotline's Emily Goodin, Romney Nailed The Mormon Question. "Romney got the Mormon question. He quotes JFK - 'not a Catholic running for president but an American.' He also makes it political but slams it back on the press. Romney: 'I also believe there are some pundits out there who hope I'm going to distance myself from my church in order to help myself politically and that's not going to happen.'" (Emily Goodin, "Praying to God," The Hotline: On Call,, Posted 6/5/07)

National Review's Jim Geraghty: "As I was watching this, I thought, 'I would be comfortable with Romney as the nominee.' The word 'unflappable' comes to mind. Solid answer on a borderline unfair question on the Mormon thing. I'm struck by how he manages to squeeze an answer that's usually pretty solid no matter what amount of time is available." (Jim Geraghty, "GOP Debate Three Wrapup," National Review, The Hillary Spot,, 6/5/07)

Washington Post's Chris Cillizza Highlighted Romney Applause For His Immigration Answer. "Later, Romney called for making the Z-visa program in the Senate legislation temporary and called on the government to enforce current law. He drew two rounds of applause." (Chris Cillizza, "McCain & Giuliani Tussle Over Immigration," Washington Post: The Fix,, Posted 6/5/07)

CNN's John King: "Romney Did Good On The Idea Of Mormonism." JOHN KING: "... [A]nd Mitt Romney did good on the idea of Mormonism and invoking the idea of John Kennedy, a religion like yours, not to be afraid of and that's something his campaign will have to engage in probably more than just tonight as the campaign goes along." (CNN, "Post Debate Coverage," 6/5/07)

Mitt Romney, Romney Campaign Press Release - What They're Really Saying About Governor Mitt Romney At The New Hampshire GOP Debate - Vol. II Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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