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Romney Campaign Press Release - The Romney Agenda: The Four Walls Of The New Hampshire Home

November 25, 2007


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Governor Romney's Conservative Plan To Strengthen Values:

Today, In New Hampshire, Governor Mitt Romney Discussed His Conservative Plan To Strengthen Values In The Granite State. There is much our nation should do to strengthen our values and our families because our future is determined not just by heads of state but also by heads of households. As President, Governor Romney will ensure that Washington stands alongside parents who are building stronger families.

- Governor Romney Believes Our Nation And New Hampshire Are Stronger When We Have Stronger Values And Families. The source of most of society's social problems can be traced to a breakdown of values and families. New Hampshire is wealthier, healthier and stronger when it has strong families.

WALL #1: Championing Marriage:

Governor Romney Will Champion A Federal Marriage Amendment To Protect Marriage As The Union Of A Man And A Woman. Governor Romney believes marriage is primarily about the development and nurturing of children. Every child deserves a mother and a father.

- Governor Romney Is The Only Major Republican Candidate Who Supports A Federal Amendment Because It Is The Only Way To Truly Protect Marriage.

Governor Romney Will Realign Government Incentives To Encourage Marriage, Not Penalize It. Today, a single mother with child care who marries the father of her child can lose as much as $6,000 a year in government benefits. Their combined incomes can disqualify them for Medicaid, housing vouchers, food stamps, and welfare. It is time to make fathers responsible for their child's health and care. Furthermore, we need to end the tax penalty on married couples.

WALL #2: Protecting Our Children:

Governor Romney Will Fight The Modern Plague Of Internet Pornography. We must clean up the culture that surrounds our children in New Hampshire and across the country. As President, Governor Romney will work to ensure that every home computer has an easy to engage pornography filter so that parents can protect their children.

- Governor Romney Has Proposed A New "One Strike, You're Ours" Law Toughening Sentences Against Online Predators. Predators who use the Internet to sexually assault children will be subject to a new "One Strike, You're Ours" law of imposing long prison sentences followed by lifetime GPS tracking. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as of April 2007, there were nearly 3,716 convicted sex offenders in New Hampshire.

Governor Romney Will Take The Campaign Against Drugs To A New Level. We can do a better job educating our kids on the perils of drug use. Parents may be the best anti-drug there is.

Governor Romney Will Work To Better Schools And Better Education For Our Children. Governor Romney believes in school choice and that every child should have an equal opportunity to have a good education.

- For Parents Home-Schooling Their Children, Governor Romney Proposes A Federal Tax Credit To Help Defray Expenses. According to the New Hampshire Department of Education, more than 4,500 students are in Home Education Programs in the state.

- Governor Romney Will Also Help New Hampshire Parents Save For Their Children's College Education. He has proposed a middle-class tax-free savings program for every New Hampshire family earning $200,000 a year or less. Under his plan, the tax rate on interest, dividends and capital gains will be zero.

WALL #3: Strengthening And Empowering Families:

Governor Romney Will Ensure That Families In New Hampshire Have Health Insurance. Using proven, free-market principles, Governor Romney's plan will ensure every citizen has health insurance, without new taxes, a government-run HillaryCare style system or socialized medicine. In Massachusetts, Governor Romney put conservative principles to work and the number of uninsured has been cut in half.

- In New Hampshire, 10 Percent Of The Population Is Uninsured. More than 128,000 people are uninsured. For those with insurance, the average annual individual health insurance premium is $3,134. In 2004 alone, nearly $7.1 billion was spent on health care by people in New Hampshire.

- Click Here To View Governor Romney's Full Plan To Make Health Insurance More Affordable And Accessible.

Governor Romney Will Strengthen Families By Lowering Taxes. Governor Romney has proposed a detailed conservative blueprint to lower taxes that includes making the Bush tax cuts permanent, rolling back tax rates across the board for all Americans, eliminating the Death Tax, eliminating taxes on the savings of middle-income Americans, opposing Social Security tax increases, making medical expenses tax deductible and making our corporate tax rate more competitive with the rest of the world.

Governor Romney Will Convene A White House Summit On Strengthening Families. This White House Summit will be a springboard to develop new initiatives to strengthen families across the country.

Governor Romney Will Reinstate The Family Impact Statement. To keep government from doing things that hurt and weaken families, President Ronald Reagan issued an Executive Order requiring that new government policies and programs be subject to the Family Impact Statement. However, President Clinton rescinded this Executive Order. Governor Romney will reinstate the Family Impact Statement and initiate an audit of all current programs and policies which may negatively impact families.

- Governor Romney Will Support The Rights Of New Hampshire Parents Who Are Not Always Consulted About Decisions Affecting Their Children. The work of being a parent is hard enough without the government making it harder.

Governor Romney Will Defend Our Religious Heritage. As President, Governor Romney will ensure that his Attorney General defends the free exercise of religion. The United States is a nation under God and should remain that way.

As President, Governor Romney Will Lead By Example. The First Family represents America to the world and represents America to our children and grandchildren. As President, Governor Romney's family will live up to a higher standard and always try to make the American people proud.

WALL #4: Promoting A Culture Of Life:

Governor Romney Will Be A Pro-Life President. Governor Romney will appoint and fight for judges who follow the law and Constitution, who understand judicial restraint and will not legislate from the bench. As President, Governor Romney will promote pro-life polices. He will oppose taxpayer-funded abortion, partial-birth abortion, abortion in military clinics and funding of abortion in international aid programs. He will work to ban embryonic cloning. He will work to increase adoptions by making the adoption tax credit permanent and raising awareness about embryonic adoption, or snowflake babies.

Read Governor Romney's Full Strategy For A Stronger America:

To read more about Governor Romney's agenda to change Washington, please click on the Strategy for a Stronger America , a compilation of his policy proposals for conservative change and to meet the new generation of challenges confronting our nation. Since January 2007, Governor Romney has outlined more than 50 different policy proposals. From defeating violent Jihadists to protecting traditional values, Governor Romney believes we can build a stronger America by taking Washington apart and putting it back together based on conservative principles that strengthen our national defense, our economy and our families.

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