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Romney Campaign Press Release - The Romney Agenda. Strong. New. Leadership.

August 31, 2007

Affordable Health Care For All Americans:

Gov. Romney: "Health care is not a Democrat issue, it's a Republican issue, it's a conservative issue. Democrats look at problems like this and they have one answer - government. We need bigger government they say, so we can manage problems like this. That's the wrong answer. Conservative principles have the answers for health care." (Gov. Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Florida Medical Association, Hollywood, FL, 8/24/07)

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The Heritage Foundation's Robert E. Moffit: Gov. Romney's Health Care Reforms "Are Major And Welcome Changes." ("Dr. Romney Goes National," National Review Online, 8/27/07)

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Dr. Glenn Hubbard: "What this is is a continuation of about 30 years of conservative thinking and health care embracing what Governor Romney himself did in Massachusetts." (CNBC's "Kudlow & Company," 8/24/07)

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The Romney Record On Health Care:

Sen. Jim Talent: "Each candidate in the 2008 Presidential race will undoubtedly offer a health care plan. ... But only one candidate has actually done something, waded into the issue and emerged with a successful plan that does not resort to one-size-fits-all, government run 'Hillary Care.' That innovative candidate is former Governor Mitt Romney." (Sen. Jim Talent, "Mitt Romney: Putting Conservative Principles To Work In Health Care," Townhall, 8/21/07)

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A Pro-Growth Tax Agenda:

Gov. Romney: "So my policies are just the opposite of the Democrats. I want to lower taxes. I want to lower marginal rates across the board. I want to lower taxes for corporations – we're high relative to our competition around the world. We want to create jobs. The best thing we can do for the economic vitality of our citizens is to make sure that we have vibrant and thriving employers. And taxing them such that they go to other nations is not the right way to go." (CNBC's "Kudlow & Company," 8/28/07)

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CNBC's Larry Kudlow: "I think [Romney's] a real capitalist. I think he's a free market capitalist. I think he's a supply-sider. He talked to me a lot about keeping the Bush tax cuts in place and lowering the corporate income tax, which is something we need to do, because guess what: even France has a lower corporate tax than we do." (MSNBC's "Morning Joe," 8/30/07)

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The Romney Record On Fiscal Discipline:

The Club For Growth: Gov. Romney "Imposed Some Much-Needed Fiscal Discipline On A Very Liberal Massachusetts Legislature."
(The Club For Growth, "Mitt Romney's Record On Economic Issues," Press Release, 8/21/07)

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