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Romney Campaign Press Release - The Romney Agenda: A New Vision To Open Markets And Help Iowa Succeed

November 01, 2007


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Today, In Iowa, Governor Romney Discussed His Vision For Opening Markets For America. Ensuring that Iowa's economy is strong and competitive depends on leadership in Washington that will embark on an effort for domestic change and open international markets for American products.

- Opening Markets Is Key To Strengthening Iowa's Economy. In 2006, Iowa exported $8.4 billion in goods to over 180 countries. From 2004 to 2006, the value of Iowa's exports increased 31.5%. Trade has become a critical part of Iowa's economy. In total, 348,578 jobs are supported by international trade and over 2,500 companies in Iowa exported products. Opening up markets to American goods will open up additional markets for Iowa's exporters.

- Opening Markets Is Pro-Iowa Agriculture. At $4.2 billion per year, Iowa exports more agricultural products than any other state than California. However, per capita, Iowa's exports amounted to $1,412 while California's was only $287. Ensuring that Iowa's agricultural products can reach foreign markets is essential to economic security for Iowa's farmers.

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Governor Romney's Vision For Opening Markets To Iowa Products And Iowa's Workers Succeed:

Launching A New Agenda For Opening Markets Including A "Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom" To Fuel A New Wave Of Global Prosperity:

- Concluding Existing Negotiations, Like The Doha Round, To Benefit America. The Doha Round and free trade agreements can be huge opportunities for Iowa if we ensure no unilateral disarmament on agriculture and demand that they provide strong benefits for farmers and companies across Iowa.

- Expanding Enforcement And New Frontiers Of Competitiveness. Helping Iowa succeed in the global economy means we must enforce our current agreements. Governor Romney's vision for expanding trade includes stronger: enforcement efforts abroad; U.S. and multilateral efforts to stop currency manipulation by China and others; action against intellectual property rights theft; negotiations to open markets for services that are the bulk of our economy and 66% of Iowa's GDP; and building food, safety and other standards to protect Americans but stop illegitimate efforts to stop U.S. exports.

- Launching A "Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom" Among Nations Committed To High Standards And Enforcement: We need bold ideas to address the new global economy. Starting with a core of U.S. free trade agreement partners, Governor Romney would seek to bring together nations committed to open markets and playing by the rules in the largest ever Free Trade Area, and go beyond traditional trade to promote high standards in areas critical to U.S. competitiveness. The Reagan Zone Of Economic Freedom would act as an alliance working together internally, in the World Trade Organization and elsewhere to push reforms and work cooperatively in areas like labor and the environment. Governor Romney would seek to expand these efforts to include the European Union and other nations that agree to meet these standards, while challenging China and others advancing agreements that exclude America.

Providing Presidential Authority And Experience To Drive Open Markets For America:

- America And Iowans Must Reject The Democrats' Policies Of Retreat From The World. Denying America the ability to negotiate to open markets while our competitors gain advantages is no strategy. Rejecting negotiations to drive open markets will not benefit Iowa's workers, farmers, companies and small businesses.

- The President Needs Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) To Open Markets For America. We cannot afford to fall behind as China and others cut deals that hurt American exports and jobs. There are already over 300 agreements in the world that do not include the United States and place U.S. exports at a disadvantage.

- This Authority Needs To Be Matched With A President Who Has The Business Experience To Understand How America Can Win In The Global Economy And Push Tough Negotiations. Governor Romney will ensure that we maintain the ability to defend our homeland security while expanding legitimate trade and concluding and thoroughly enforcing deals that benefit America.

Training, Assisting, And Empowering America's Workers To Succeed In The New Economy: Governor Romney believes in giving American and Iowa workers the tools they need to succeed and prosper in the new economy. To accomplish this goal, Governor Romney will:

- Create Worker Empowerment And Training Accounts. These self-managed accounts will give workers the opportunity to take control of their own futures by getting the training and education they need to succeed in the new economy. The accounts may be used for a broad variety of different training and educational opportunities, including those provided by community colleges or businesses that hire these workers. Best of all, these accounts will take money out of the hands of bureaucrats and put it into the hands of those who really need it – displaced workers.

- Streamline And Enhance Access To Worker Training And Educational Programs. Governor Romney will initiate an audit of all existing worker training and educational programs to ensure that workers are being helped most efficiently, while eliminating duplicative spending and minimizing bureaucratic overhead. He will also create true "one-stop-shops" that make it easier for workers to get access to the benefits, training, and educational opportunities they need to find jobs in the new economy.

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