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Romney Campaign Press Release - The One And Only Obamacare: Nothing Else Like It

October 03, 2012

From Raising Taxes And Cutting Medicare To Rationing Care And Killing Jobs, Obamacare Is Bad Law And Bad Policy

Obamacare Raises Taxes By A Trillion Dollars And Cut $700 Billion From Medicare, While Massachusetts Reforms Included No Tax Increases Or Benefit Cuts:

Obamacare Raises Taxes By Over $1 Trillion. (Congressional Budget Office, 7/24/12)

According To The Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Obamacare Cuts $716 Billion From Medicare. (Congressional Budget Office, 7/24/12)

Massachusetts Reforms Included No Tax Increases Or Benefit Cuts. "The subsidies require no new tax monies. Federal and state funds currently subsidizing hospitals for treating the uninsured will simply be redirected into buying coverage for the low-income uninsured." (The Heritage Foundation, 5/6/06)

Obamacare Passed With Virtually No Republican Support While Massachusetts Reforms Passed Nearly Unanimously:

Obamacare Was A Deeply Partisan Measure, By Only One House Republican And No Senate Republicans. "If the bill becomes law, it would be a milestone in social policy, comparable to the creation of Social Security in 1935 and Medicare in 1965. But unlike those programs, the initiative lacks bipartisan support. Only one Republican supported a broadly similar bill that the House approved last month 220 to 215, and no Republicans backed the Senate version." (The New York Times, 12/25/09)

The Massachusetts Reforms Passed 154-2 In The House And 37-0 In Senate. "Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a bill Tuesday that would make Massachusetts the first state to require that all its citizens have some form of health insurance... The House approved the bill on a 154-2 vote. The Senate endorsed it 37-0." (The Associated Press, 4/4/06)

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA): The Way The White House Handled Obamacare "Cost Obama A Lot Of Credibility As A Leader." "The healthcare reform law will be President Obama's 'biggest downside' politically heading into the November elections, retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) said ... 'I think that the manner in which the health-care reform issue was put in front of the Congress, the way that the issue was dealt with by the White House, cost Obama a lot of credibility as a leader,' Webb said, according to the Washington Post. ... 'If you were going to do something of this magnitude, you have to do it with some clarity, with a clear set of objectives from the White House,' said Webb." (The Hill, 4/18/12)

Obamacare Legislation Was More Than 2,700 Pages Long While Massachusetts Reforms Were Roughly 70 Pages:

Obamacare: "A Legislative Product Exceeding 2,700 Pages In Length." "In 2010, as Speaker of the House, Pelosi insisted that the Congress move as fast as possible to enact the massive health care legislation so that we could 'find out' what was in it. Her colleagues obliged and enacted a legislative product exceeding 2,700 pages in length, overhauling a sector of the American economy roughly the size of France, and few pretended to have read their own formidable handiwork before casting their favorable votes." (The Heritage Foundation, 3/14/11)

•         Then-Speaker Pelosi: "We Have To Pass The Bill So You Can Find Out What Is In It." (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Remarks, 3/9/10)

The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Bill Was 70 Pages Long — Roughly 2% The Size Of Obamacare. (Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006, Massachusetts General Court, 4/12/06)

Obamacare Created An Unelected Board Of Bureaucrats To Make Health Care Decisions While Massachusetts Reforms Did Not:

Obamacare Put A Board Of Fifteen Unelected Bureaucrats In A Position To Make Health Care Cuts Without Congressional Approval. "The Independent Payment Advisory Board, created under the health care law to help control Medicare costs, lacks flexibility to do much more than cut provider payments that would lead to a reduction in access to care, witnesses told a House Ways and Means panel March 6." (Bloomberg, 3/7/12)

The Massachusetts Reforms Have No Comparable Provision.

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