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Romney Campaign Press Release - A Stronger America Through Strengthening The American People

July 07, 2007


Gov. Romney Shared His Vision Of A Stronger America With Young Republicans. GOV. MITT ROMNEY: "Conservatism, Republicanism, is a philosophy of strength. We believe in a strong military, a strong economy, and in strong families and values. We believe in the American people. ... And when you need to call on the strength of America, you don't strengthen government, you strengthen the American people. You strengthen the American people by letting them keep more of their own money, not by taxing them more when they earn, taxing them when they save and taxing them when they die! You strengthen the American people by making sure that the voice of millions of voters trumps the voice of a handful of unelected judges. You strengthen the American people with the world's best healthcare, the world's best schools, and the world's strongest families. We must preserve the institution of marriage – every child deserves a mother and a father!" (Gov. Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Young Republican National Convention, Hollywood, FL, 7/7/07)

Gov. Romney Has A Record Of Supporting Lower Taxes:

Gov. Romney: "Raising Taxes Hurts Working People. It Stifles Innovation." "Now, some states have chosen to raise taxes under the weight of economic stress. We did not, as a state, at least not since I've been in office. Raising taxes is the opposite of giving people the freedom they need to make their own life choices. Raising taxes hurts working people. It stifles innovation. It makes a state and a nation less competitive, not more competitive." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The National Press Club, Washington, DC, 7/14/04)

Gov. Romney Fought For Tax Cuts:

- INCOME TAX CUT: Gov. Romney Fought To Cut The Income Tax Rate In Massachusetts From 5.3% To 5%. (Scott Greenberger, "Tax Revenue Slowdown In Forecast," The Boston Globe, 12/13/05)

- CAPITAL GAINS TAXES: Gov. Romney Turned The Legislature's $250 Million Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Increase Into A $250 Million Tax Refund. (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., 3/2/07)

- INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT: In November 2003, Gov. Romney Signed An Economic Stimulus Package Making The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Permanent. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Economic Stimulus, Supplemental Budget Bills," Press Release, 11/26/03)

- PROPERTY TAX RELIEF: Gov. Romney Proposed And Signed Legislation Providing Property Tax Relief To Senior Citizens, Enabling Them To Keep Their Homes. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Bill To Give Seniors Tax Relief," Press Release, 11/20/05)

- SALES TAX HOLIDAYS: Gov. Romney Signed Several Sales Tax Holidays. (Michael Levenson, "Governor Drums Up Business For State's Tax-Free Weekend," The Boston Globe 8/12/05)

Massachusetts Citizens For Limited Taxation Executive Director Barbara Anderson: "There was no one else out on the horizon and with the legislature almost entirely Democratic, we felt it was necessary to have a grown-up in the corner office. ... And we were right to back him. He's been a really good friend to the taxpayers." (Shawn Macomber, "Mighty Mitt Romney," The American Spectator, 3/06)

As President, Gov. Romney Will Fight For Lower Taxes:

Gov. Romney: "You Don't Create Economic Prosperity By Raising Taxes." (John J. Miller, "Matinee Mitt," National Review, 6/20/05)

Gov. Romney Was The First Potential 2008 Presidential Candidate To Sign The "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" Promising To Oppose Any Effort To Increase Taxes. "Demonstrating his commitment to oppose any effort to increase taxes on the American people, Governor Romney has signed Americans For Tax Reform's 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge.' As part of his pledge, Governor Romney will 'oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates' and 'oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits.'" (Romney For President Exploratory Committee, "Governor Mitt Romney Signs 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge'," Press Release, 1/4/07)

Gov. Romney: "It's Absolutely Critical That We Don't Have That Massive Tax Hike And Instead We Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Detroit Economic Club, Detroit, MI, 2/7/07)

Gov. Romney Proposes Lowering Tax Rates For All Americans. GOV. ROMNEY: "We should ... promote fairness and simplicity by ending special interest loopholes and lowering tax rates for all Americans." (Romney For President, "Governor Romney's Remarks At The Club For Growth," Press Release, 3/29/07)

Gov. Romney Has A Record Of Market-Based Healthcare Reform:

Gov. Romney: "No New Taxes, No Employer Mandate And No Government Takeover." "Every uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will soon have affordable health insurance and the costs of health care will be reduced. And we will need no new taxes, no employer mandate and no government takeover to make this happen." (Gov. Mitt Romney, Op-Ed, "Health Care For Everyone?" The Wall Street Journal, 4/11/06)

- Gov. Romney: "[M]y plan calls for a personal responsibility principle: Everyone must either become insured or maintain adequate savings to cover their medical expenses." (Gov. Mitt Romney, Op-Ed, "Health-Care Reform Gets A Fair Shake," Boston Herald, 6/21/05)

The Heritage Foundation: "In reality, those who want to create a consumer-based health system and deregulate health insurance should view Romney's plan as one of the most promising strategies out there." (Edmund F. Haislmaier, "Mitt's Fit," The Heritage Foundation,, 1/28/07)

As President, Gov. Romney Will Encourage States To Reform Healthcare Without Raising Taxes Or Empowering Big Government:

Gov. Romney: "I Do Not Believe That Putting The Government In Charge Of Health Care For All Our Citizens Is The Way To Go." (Dolly A Butz, "Romney Calls For Isolation Of Iran," Sioux City Journal, 2/19/07)

Gov. Romney Supports Having States Experiment With Their Own Plans, Not A "'One-Size-Fits-All" National Plan. "If elected, Romney said he would not propose a 'one-size-fits-all' national health-care plan, but would encourage the federal government to provide flexibility to let states carry out their own plans. 'Some states will probably do it better,' said Romney, adding that more than 20 states are considering plans similar to the Massachusetts experiment." (Ryan J. Halliday, "Romney Defends His Health-Care Plan," The [Nashua, NH] Telegraph, 6/7/07)


Democrats Want More Of Your Tax Dollars:

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Wants To Eliminate The Bush Tax Cuts. "Joining other Democratic women senators at an event for Sen. Barbara Boxer, who's seeking re-election, Hillary Clinton told hundreds of party faithful to expect to lose some of the tax cuts passed under President George W. Bush if Democrats take control in Washington next year." (Beth Fouhy, "San Francisco Rolls Out Red Carpet For The Clintons," The Associated Press, 6/28/04)

Sen. Clinton: "Shared Responsibility For Shared Prosperity." SEN. HILLARY CLINTON: "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few and for the few, time to reject the idea of an 'on your own' society and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity. I prefer a 'we're all in it together' society." (Manchester School Of Technology, Manchester, NH, 5/29/07)

- Sen. Clinton: "We're Going To Take Things Away From You On Behalf Of The Common Good." (Beth Fouhy, "San Francisco Rolls Out Red Carpet For The Clintons," The Associated Press, 6/28/04)

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) Wants To "Roll Back" The Bush Tax Cuts. SEN BARACK OBAMA: "I would roll back the Bush cuts for those making over 250,000." (CNBC's "Kudlow & Company," 6/4/07)

Former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) Wants To End The Bush Tax Cuts. SEN. JOHN EDWARDS: "I would pay for it by getting rid of Bush's tax cuts for people who make over $200,000 a year." (CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," 6/6/07)

In May 2007, Congressional Democrats Proposed A Budget That Raised Taxes And Boosted Spending. "Congressional Democrats yesterday proposed a $2.9 trillion budget plan that seeks to boost spending by $23 billion over the president's request, setting up a confrontation with the White House over funding for education, health care and veterans' services. ... The five-year budget plan ... assumes, for now, that taxes on dividends, stock sales and the income of the wealthiest families would go up in 2011." (Lori Montgomery, "Democrats Make Budget Proposal," The Washington Post, 5/17/07)

Sen. Clinton Would Raise Corporate Taxes, Too. SEN. HILLARY CLINTON: "Let's start holding corporate America responsible, make them pay their fair share again." (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Campaign For America's Future Take Back America Conference, Washington, DC, 5/29/07)

Democrats Want Government-Run Healthcare:

Sen. Clinton, On Paying For Her Big Government Health Plan: "That's Going To Mean Taking Money Away From People Who Make Out Really Well Right Now." "On Saturday, she said that the failure of her proposal for universal coverage in 1994 made her more determined to achieve the goal now. 'It also makes me understand what we are up against,' Mrs. Clinton said. 'We have to modernize and reform the way we deliver health care. But we have to change the way we finance it. That's going to mean taking money away from people who make out really well right now.'" (Robert Pear, "Candidates Outline Ideas For Universal Health Care," The New York Times, 3/25/07)

Sen. Obama Would Pay For His Government-Run Health Plan By Rolling Back Tax Cuts. "Obama said his plan could save the average consumer $2,500 a year and bring health care to all. Campaign aides estimated the cost of the program at $50 billion to $65 billion a year, financed largely by eliminating tax cuts that are scheduled to expire." ("Obama Unveils Universal Health Care Plan," The Associated Press, 5/29/07)

Sen. Edwards "Would Raise Taxes" To Pay For His Health Plan. "Seven Democratic candidates for president promised Saturday to guarantee health insurance for all, but they disagreed over how to pay for it and how fast it could be achieved. ... John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina, offered the most detailed plan for universal coverage, saying he would raise taxes to help pay the cost, which he estimated at $90 billion to $120 billion a year." (Robert Pear, "Candidates Outline Ideas For Universal Health Care," The New York Times, 3/25/07)

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) Would Redirect Money From The War On Terror To Pay For His Health Proposal. "Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico offered a potpourri of ideas to achieve universal coverage, including tax credits to help people buy insurance and an option to let people ages 55 to 64 buy coverage through Medicare. To help pay for his proposals, Mr. Richardson said, he would 'get out of Iraq' and redirect money from the military to health care." (Robert Pear, "Candidates Outline Ideas For Universal Health Care," The New York Times, 3/25/07)

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