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Romney Campaign Press Release - "Sign Up America!" Enlists Over 24,000 New Supporters

May 17, 2007


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Boston, MA - After nearly 1,000 Debate Watch House Parties and a highly successful national call day during "Sign Up America!", Governor Mitt Romney has signed up over 24,000 new supporters from across the country in just 24 hours. The success of this event is an indication of Governor Romney's broad-based grassroots and finance support and will help him spread his vision for conservative change in Washington.

Addressing today's success, Governor Romney said, "Over the past 24 hours, hundreds have gathered at house parties and manned phone banks across the country in our successful effort to sign up 24,000 new supporters. We have surpassed our goal and will continue building momentum in our effort to sign up thousands of new supporters for our message of conservative change in Washington. 'Sign Up America!' demonstrates what can happen when you apply innovation and reach out to new voters."

"Sign Up America!" Fast Facts:

- Total Number Of New Romney Supporters Signed Up: Over 30,000

- Percent Of New Supporters Who Signed Up On The Web Site: 60%

- Number Of Call Day Events: 90 Call Day Events In 22 States

- received more traffic on May 16 than ever before, as measured by daily unique visitors and by page views

- Total Number Of Debate Watch House Parties: 953

- Number Of States With Debate Watch House Parties: 48 states and the District of Columbia

- Number Of Parties In Arizona: 44

- Number Of Parties In California: 99

- Number Of Parties In Florida: 77

- More Than 100 People Attended A Single Orlando House Party

- Number Of Parties In Georgia: 23

- Number Of Parties In Iowa: 55

- Number Of Parties In Michigan: 42

- Number Of Parties In New Hampshire: 41

- House Parties Were Held In Every New Hampshire County

- Number Of Parties In Oregon: 22

- Number Of Parties In South Carolina: 16

- More Than 200 People Attended A Single Columbia House Party

- Number Of Parties In Texas: 48

"Sign Up America!" Video Updates:

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Tuesday, 11:00 P.M. Update Video:

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