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Romney Campaign Press Release - President Obama's Imaginary Energy Policies

August 23, 2012

"President Obama's energy policies have made life more difficult for middle-class families, increasing costs and killing jobs. But instead of owning up to their policies, the President's advisers are on defense, offering misleading statistics and imaginary claims. The Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class will deliver more jobs and higher take-home pay, while finally putting the nation on a path to energy independence by 2020." – Amanda Henneberg, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Today, The Obama White House Falsely Claimed That Coal Mining Jobs Are At A 15-Year High:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: "We Have Now More Coal Miners Employed In This Country Than We Have Had In The Past 15 Years." CARNEY: "Again the other point I would note is that again, representative of the President's approach on—All of the above approach on energy is that we have now more coal miners employed in this country than we have had in the past 15 years." (White House Press Briefing, 8/23/12)

Since President Obama Took Office, 3,800 Coal Miners Have Lost Their Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 8/23/12)

Under The Obama Administration, 111 Coal Power Plants Are Expected To Close By The End Of 2012. "But in the past two years, an increasing number of coal-powered electricity plants across the country have announced closures. Estimates vary, but banking and industry analysis firm Credit Suisse put expected and known closures for 2009-2012 at 111 plants, that's one-fifth of the nation's nearly 500 coal plants." (Lisa Desjardins, "The War Over Coal Is Personal," CNN, 7/17/12)

It's No Wonder The White House Can't Get Its Facts Straight – Coal Didn't Even Make The List Of Energy Sources It Supports:

Obama White House: "Every Form Of Energy Has Enjoyed The Very Aggressive Support Of This Administration. That Includes Nuclear, And Wind, And Solar And Bio Fuels, And As You Know Oil And Gas." JAY CARNEY "The all of the above approach, as you know, this Administration has approved other pipelines, including transnational pipelines. It has approved expanded drilling on both water and land, federal and public. It has approved." ABC's JAKE TAPPER: "You mean types of energy." CARNEY: "Well I don't mean that every single project imaginable that would require some sort of federal approval has necessarily but I mean every form of energy has enjoyed the very aggressive support of this Administration. That includes nuclear, and wind, and solar and bio fuels, and as you know oil and gas." (White House Press Briefing, 8/23/12)

And Obama Officials Are Still Claiming They "Haven't Rejected" The Keystone Pipeline – But The Headlines Beg To Differ:

Jay Carney, On The Keystone Pipeline: "We Haven't Rejected It." TAPPER: "Why do you and the President continue to refer to it as an all of the above energy approach when there are certain components Republicans are pushing for that you reject such as the Keystone Pipeline or other things..." CARNEY: "Well first of all the Keystone Pipeline is a process. We haven't rejected it. There's a process underway at the State Department that was delayed for two reasons, first because people were concerned about, folks in Nebraska including the Republican governor because of the original route and because of Congress's insistence in including it as part of the payroll tax extension. That is a specific issue." (White House Press Briefing, 8/23/12)

Fox News: "Obama Administration Rejects Keystone Pipeline Permit" (Fox News, 1/18/12)

The Washington Post: "Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline" (The Washington Post, 1/18/12)

ABC News: "President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline" (ABC News, 1/18/12)

Politico: "Keystone XL Pipeline Rejected By Obama Administration" (Politico, 1/18/12)

NPR: "Obama Administration Rejects Keystone Pipeline Proposal" (NPR, 1/18/12)

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