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Romney Campaign Press Release - President Obama's Disastrous Record For Farmers

August 13, 2012

"Paul Ryan hails from an agriculture state and supported disaster relief, and the truth is no one will work harder to defend farmers and ranchers than the Romney-Ryan ticket.  After nearly four years of failure, it's no wonder that Barack Obama returns to the state that launched his presidential campaign with nothing more than broken promises and false attacks.  Iowans deserve better. As president, Mitt Romney will strengthen middle-class families in the heartland, create jobs, and turn our economy around." — Ryan Williams, Romney Campaign Spokesman

Today, President Obama Blamed Paul Ryan For Washington's Failure To Pass Disaster Relief For Those Struggling From The Drought:

President Obama, On Paul Ryan's Record On Disaster Relief: "He Is One Of The Leaders In Congress Standing In The Way. ... We've Got To Put Politics Aside When It Comes To Doing The Right Thing..."  OBAMA: "Now, before I get started, I just want to say a few words about the drought because it's had such an impact on this state and all across the country. ... The best way to help these states is for the folks in Congress to pass a farm bill that not only helps farmers and ranchers respond to natural disasters but also makes the necessary reforms and gives farmers and ranchers some long-term certainty. Unfortunately, right now too many members of congress are blocking the farm bill from becoming law. I am told that Governor Romney's new running mate Paul Ryan, might be around Iowa in the next few days. And he is one of the leaders in Congress standing in the way. ... We've got to put politics aside when it comes to doing the right thing for rural America and for Iowa." (President Barack Obama, Remarks, Council Bluffs, IA, 8/13/12)

But Earlier This  Month, Paul Ryan Voted For Drought Relief Legislation That President Obama Blocked:

Earlier This Month, Ryan Voted For The Agricultural Disaster Assistance Act Of 2012. (H.R. 6233, Roll Call Vote #554, Passed 223-197: R 188-46; D 35-151; Ryan Voted Aye, 8/2/12)

  • The Bill Would Provide $383 Million In Supplemental Agricultural Disaster Assistance To Farmers Affected By The Drought. ("Estimated Effects On Direct Spending Of H.R. 6233," Congressional Budget Office, 8/1/12)

Senate Aides Have Claimed The Obama White House Would Have Supported The Bill But Caved To Senate Democrats' Objection To The Measure. "Moments after the House passed its bill, Ms. Stabenow took to the Senate floor to say that lawmakers would instead work informally over the August recess to try to put together a new measure to present to Congress when it meets in September. The White House would have considered the House measure, but she resisted, Senate aides said." (Jennifer Steinhauer, "Pile Of Bills Left Behind As Congress Goes To Campaign," The New York Times, 8/2/12)

  • The Democrat Senate Left For A Five-Week Recess Without Considering The Bill. "An effort to provide emergency aid for American ranchers and farmers reeling from a year of drought, frost and other calamities collapsed on Thursday as members of Congress departed for their five-week August recess, leaving behind a pile of unfinished legislation as they go home to campaign for re-election." (Jennifer Steinhauer, "Pile Of Bills Left Behind As Congress Goes To Campaign," The New York Times, 8/2/12)

The Senate-Passed Farm Bill (S.3240) Includes $142 Billion In Direct Support For Producers Of Corn And Other Commodities. "The bill would make crop insurance the primary means of direct farm support. Total spending on corn and other commodities would reach $142 billion at a time when farmers are riding a historic commodity boom. The bill trimmed overall spending by $23 billion, or 2.3 percent, and cut conservation programs by 10 percent." (Carolyn Lochhead, "Senate OKs Huge Farm Bill, Puts House GOP On Spot," The San Francisco Chronicle, 6/22/12)

President Obama's Own Budget Would Have Eliminated Direct Support Payments To Farmers. "Obama wants to eliminate direct payments to farmers, which accounted for about 44 percent of farm aid in fiscal 2011. Phasing out the payments is part of a plan to save $32 billion in the next decade by also providing disaster assistance to farmers and by reducing subsidies to crop insurance companies." (Gary Truitt, "Obama Budget Cuts USDA Funding, Eliminates Direct Payments," Hoosier Ag Today, 2/13/12)

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