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Romney Campaign Press Release - President Obama's Bad Week Of Headlines Rolls On...

May 23, 2012

This Morning, President Obama Woke Up To More Headlines On His Own Party's Continued Reluctance To Attack Free Enterprise:

  • The Washington Post: "President Obama Wants It Both Ways On Private Equity" (The Washington Post, 5/22/12)
  • Politico: "More Dems Struggle On Bain" (Politico, 5/23/12)
  • The Hill: "Democrats Balk At Obama Campaign's Sustained Attack On Bain Capital" (The Hill, 5/22/12)
  • Fox News: "Obama's Anti-Romney Bain Ads Dividing Dems" (Fox News, 5/22/12)
  • Boston Herald: "Deval Patrick Says Bain 'Not A Bad Company'" (Boston Herald, 5/23/12)
  • Mediaite: "MA Gov. Deval Patrick Is Latest Democrat Refusing To Attack Bain Capital" (Mediaite, 5/22/12)
  • The New York Times: "Biden Presses Bain Attack As Prominent Democrat Urges Caution" (The New York Times, 5/22/12)

And President Obama Received Even More Embarrassing Headlines After Struggling In The Kentucky And Arkansas Primaries:

  • Politico: "Obama Struggles In Kentucky, Arkansas" (Politico, 5/22/12)
  • Yahoo! News: "'Uncommitted' And Unknown Score Points Against Obama" (Yahoo! News, 5/23/12)
  • The Associated Press: "Primary Protest Votes Show Displeasure With Obama" (The Associated Press, 5/23/12)
  • NBC News: "Obama Suffers Defections In Ark. And Ky. Primaries" (NBC News, 5/22/12)
  • The Hill: "4 In 10 Democrats Desert Obama In Arkansas, Kentucky Primaries" (The Hill, 5/22/12)
  • The Associated Press: "Arkansans Pledge Lukewarm Support For Obama In Primary; Many Back Democratic Challenger" (The Associated Press, 5/22/12)
  • ABC News: "Romney Wins Arkansas, Kentucky Primaries, Outperforming Obama In Both States" (ABC News, 5/22/12)
  • The Washington Times: "Romney Outpaces Obama In Kentucky, Arkansas Primaries" (The Washington Times, 5/22/12)

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