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Romney Campaign Press Release - No Regrets: Obama Still Thinks "You Didn't Build That"

September 06, 2012

"President Obama's decision to double down on his 'you didn't build that' comments demonstrates just how out of touch he is with our nation's small-business owners. After nearly four years in office, the President's rhetoric and policies have impeded hiring and held our economy back. As president, Mitt Romney will defend our nation's job creators by implementing policies that encourage growth and get businesses hiring again." – Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Yesterday, President Obama Doubled Down On His "You Didn't Build That" Comments, Claiming He Didn't Regret The Comments:

President Obama, On His "You Didn't Build That" Comment: "Obviously, I Have Regrets For My Syntax. But Not For The Point..." "We asked the president to respond to the GOP's use of his 'You didn't build that' line in Roanoke, his take on the state of the country and we asked about his attacks on Republican nominee Mitt Romney.  Mr. Obama was not afraid to defend his record. ... The line became a theme for their convention. 'Do you have any regrets for the way you made that point?,' I asked the president. 'Obviously, I have regrets for my Syntax,' Obama replied. 'But not for the point, because everyone who was there watching knows exactly what I was saying.'" (Ryan Nobles, "NBC12 Exclusive: Obama Defends Record In One On One Interview," NBC 12, 9/5/12)

President Obama: "Everyone Who Was There Watching Knows Exactly What I Was Saying." (Ryan Nobles, "NBC12 Exclusive: Obama Defends Record In One On One Interview," NBC 12, 9/5/12)

We Agree With President Obama – Everyone Knew "Exactly" What He "Was Saying":

Virginia-Based Crumb And Get It's Chris McMurray: "Success In Business Doesn't Come From Government." "'Success in business doesn't come from government,' McMurray told the crowd while introducing Ryan. 'It comes from hard work, innovation, and you and me. When government gets out of the way, we can provide services and grow our economy.'" ("In Roanoke, Ryan Slams Obama Over 'You Didn't Build That'," The Associated Press, 8/23/12)

Village Corner Deli's Ross Murty: "Government Didn't Build My Business, I Did." "A man who catered a campaign event for President Barack Obama in Iowa came clothed for a food fight. Ross Murty, co-owner of the Village Corner Deli in Davenport, donned a T-shirt emblazoned with the the message 'Government didn't build my business, I did,' before slinging beef brisket, pulled pork and assorted sides to reporters covering a swing by the president through the city on Wednesday." (Brian Browdie, "Pro-Mitt Caterer Hired For Obama Event," New York Daily News, 8/16/12)

Snoopy's Hot Dogs Co-Owner Larry Cerilli: "We Did Create This Business And We Are Insulted..."  LARRY CERILLI: "We both decided to put that sign up. It was a knee jerk reaction that I am glad I did. It was an answer to we did create this business and we are insulted, and I stand by it." (WNCN-TV, 7/24/12)

Michael Passalaqua, A Restaurant Owner In Pennsylvania: "I Was Pretty Appalled By (Obama's) Comment." "Michael Passalaqua, the owner of Angelo's restaurant in North Franklin Township, said he 'risked everything I owned' to open his restaurant and 'I was pretty appalled by (Obama's) comment.'" (Brad Hundt, "Business Owners Take A Political Stand," Washington Observer-Reporter, 8/1/12)

And President Obama's Campaign Has Been On "Full-Court-Press Defense" Ever Since:

President Obama's Remarks Have "Taken A Campaign Toll." "Relentless GOP criticism of a 12-day-old remark about business owners has taken a campaign toll on President Barack Obama, forcing him to defend himself and giving Republican Mitt Romney a break from steady attacks. ... 'If you've got a business, you didn't build that,' Obama said, in part. 'Somebody else made that happen.'" (Charles Babington, "GOP Puts Obama On Defense Over Remark About Business Owners," The Associated Press, 7/26/12)

"The Obama Campaign Is Now On Full-Court-Press Defense..." "After ten days of relatively muted response to Mitt Romney's 'you didn't build that' attacks, the Obama campaign is now on full-court-press defense, with the president appearing in a new battleground state TV ad to offer a personal rebuttal." (Devin Dwyer And Mary Bruce, "Obama Appears In Ad To Rebut 'You Didn't Build That' Attacks," ABC News, 7/24/12)

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