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Romney Campaign Press Release - Nevada Voters On Mitt Romney: "Confident," "Winner," Forceful," "Our Next President"

October 17, 2012

Fox News

October 16, 2012

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 FRANK LUNTZ:  "Sean, I'm at Encore theater in the great Steve Wynn hotel and we had something remarkable happen tonight. Let's get a wide shot of this group. Remember, Nevada's seen more campaign ads than any other state in America. How many of you voted for Barack Obama in 2008? Raise your hands. A whole lot of these people. How many of you are staying with Barack Obama in 2012? How much of you switched and are now supporting Mitt Romney in 2012? Raise your hands if you are Romney people. Sean, we had a remarkable change here. I want to know a phrase to describe Mitt Romney's performance tonight."

 VOTER: "Forceful, presidential."

 VOTER: "Confident and realistic."

 VOTER: "Presidential."

 VOTER: "Presidential and enthusiastic."

 VOTER: "Our next president."

 VOTER: "Dynamo, winner."

 VOTER: "Knowledgeable and sincere."

 VOTER: "Steady and articulate."

 LUNTZ: "Vicky you voted for Obama in 2008?"

 VOTER: "That's correct. I did."

 LUNTZ: "What is it about?"

 VOTER: "He seems on the defensive, and he's always ready to get a debate issue or not stay on track."

 LUNTZ: "And you voted for Obama?"

 VOTER: "Yes. He just didn't deliver in the two debates. He didn't explain anything. He didn't show what he' was going to do for the future. And I can't take four more years of the same."

 LUNTZ: "Did you think Obama performed well? Yes or no."

 VOTERS: "No."

 LUNTZ: "So, what was the issue?"

 VOTER: "I think rather than defend his own record, he just attacked, attacked, attacked. And that's no way to win a presidency."

 LUNTZ: "Robin?"

 VOTER: "He was just mediocre. But what I was saying earlier, undecided. I was not undecided between Obama and Romney. I was undecided between Romney and not voting as unfortunately, quite a number of people that I know are in that category. I was extremely favorably impressed."

 LUNTZ: "With Mitt Romney?"

 VOTER: "Yes."

 LUNTZ: "Because?"

 VOTER: "Because I heard what I wanted to hear. I heard you're going to take away taxes on investment income."

 LUNTZ: "By the way, I want to know one thing, how did Ruth Bader Ginsburg get into my focus group."

 VOTER: "I liked how Mitt Romney said that we as Americans don't have to settle for what we have been going through."

 VOTER: "I think Barack Obama had a chance at the end to share more of his heart and who he is, and he missed it. He didn't answer the question."

 VOTER: "The President was on the defense all night long."

Mitt Romney, Romney Campaign Press Release - Nevada Voters On Mitt Romney: "Confident," "Winner," Forceful," "Our Next President" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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