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Romney Campaign Press Release - End of the Line in Largo: Obama's Energy Policies Have Failed

March 15, 2012

"Times may change, but President Obama's speeches stay the same. Two years ago, the President traveled to Maryland to talk about his energy policies and how he was 'helping folks save money at the pump.' Today, he's poised to give the same speech. But with record gas prices and growing discontent among the American people, President Obama's train of broken promises has finally reached the end of the line." —Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Today, President Obama Will Return To Maryland For Another Speech On His Failed Energy Policies:

President Obama Is In Largo, Maryland To Talk About His Plans For Energy And Gas Prices. "President Barack Obama will visit Largo on Thursday to give an address on American energy, White House officials said Monday. The address comes at a critical time, when economists say rising gasoline prices are dragging on the nation's economic recovery." (John Fritze, "Obama To Visit Maryland, Discuss Energy," The Baltimore Sun, 3/12/12)

FLASHBACK: Two Years Ago, President Obama Traveled To The Same Area To Highlight His Energy Policies, Claiming He Was "Helping Folks Save Money At The Pump." OBAMA: "And after decades in which we have done little to increase the efficiency of cars and trucks, we've raised fuel economy standards to reduce our dependence on foreign oil while helping folks save money at the pump." (President Barack Obama, Remarks in Lanham, MD, 2/16/10)

What's Happened In The Two Years Since President Obama's Previous Speech? "No Progress" And Record-High Gas Prices:

"Gasoline Prices Have Never Been Higher This Time Of The Year." "Gasoline prices have never been higher this time of the year. At $3.53 a gallon, prices are already up 25 cents since Jan. 1. And experts say they could reach a record $4.25 a gallon by late April." ("Gas Prices Are Highest Ever For This Time Of Year," The Associated Press, 2/18/12)

Gas Prices In 2011 "Reached A Record Annual Average High." "U.S. gasoline prices also reached a record annual average high at $3.52 for a gallon of regular." (Coral Davenport, "Rising Oil Prices Could Fuel Political Rage," National Journal, 1/7/12)

Since President Obama Took Office, Gas Prices Have More Than Doubled, From Approximately $1.85 Per Gallon To $3.83 Per Gallon. (U.S. Energy Information Administration,, 3/14/12)

NBC's Chuck Todd On President Obama's Energy Policies: "He's Made No Progress." TODD: "There is no issue that has been a, I guess, a bigger bust for the president than energy policy in general. There's a lot of, we can come up with a lot of excuses as to why, but boy, it's just like you can't — he's made no progress." (MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown," 2/23/12)

As A Result, Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Now Disapprove Of President Obama's Handling Of Rising Gas Prices:

65% Of Americans Disapprove Of President Obama's Handling Of Rising Gas Prices. "Almost two-thirds of Americans, 65 percent, said they disapprove of the way President Barack Obama is dealing with rising prices at the pump, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds." (MJ Lee, "Poll: Most Say Obama Tanking On Gas," Politico, 3/12/12)

"Only 26 Percent — The President's Lowest Rating In The Poll — Said They Approve Of His Handling Of Gas Prices, While A Majority, 52 Percent, Said They 'Strongly' Disapprove." (MJ Lee, "Poll: Most Say Obama Tanking On Gas,"Politico, 3/12/12)

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