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Romney Campaign Press Release - Day Eleven: Obama White House Throws Full Support Behind Disgraceful Ad

August 17, 2012

"President Obama and his advisers may not want to answer questions about the Obama Super PAC, but they'll gladly raise money to support its despicable attacks. After weeks of shameful dodges and unanswered questions, it's clear the President's inner circle has fully embraced these widely-condemned tactics. Americans deserve better than excuses and obfuscation — they deserve the same clear answer from President Obama that his top aides have now provided." — Ryan Williams, Romney Campaign Spokesman

This Week, President Obama's Senior Adviser Raised Money For The Embattled Obama Super PAC:

This Week, Obama White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe Gave A Presentation At A Priorities USA Fundraiser. "Bill Clinton made a pitch for the pro-President Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action at a private home in Manhattan last night, with a crowd that included White House senior adviser David Plouffe and Democratic donors. ... Plouffe also gave a presentation." (Maggie Haberman, "Clinton Pitches Obama, Clinton Donor Prospects For Super PAC," Politico, 8/16/12)

  • "Plouffe, Who Ran Obama's 2008 Campaign, Is A Natural Pick To Make The Pitch For Priorities USA Action, The Super PAC Started By Former White House Aides Bill Burton And Sean Sweeney." (Steven T. Dennis, "Cabinet Members A Super PAC No-Show," Roll Call, 7/10/12)

It's Not The First Time David Plouffe And President Obama's Other Top Aides Have Helped Raise Money For The Obama Super PAC:

In February, President Obama Signed Off On A Plan That Allowed Senior Campaign Officials, White House Officials And Cabinet Members To Attend Fundraising Events For Priorities USA. "Obama's campaign is urging its top donors to support Priorities USA, a 'super PAC' led by two former Obama aides that has struggled to compete with the tens of millions of dollars collected by Republican-backed outside groups. Campaign officials said Tuesday the president had signed off on the decision. ... Messina said senior campaign officials, along with some White House officials and members of Obama's Cabinet, would attend and speak at fundraising events for Priorities USA but would not directly ask for money." (Ken Thomas, "Obama Campaign Urges Donors To Embrace Super PAC," The Associated Press, 2/7/12)

  • Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina, In February: "The Campaign Has Decided To Do What We Can, Consistent With The Law, To Support Priorities USA..." (Phil Hirschkorn, "Obama Campaign Blurs The Line With Super PAC," CBS News, 2/7/12)

In March, White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe Met With Prospective Priorities USA Donors In New York. "President Obama's adviser David Plouffe appeared at a prospecting meeting for Priorities USA Action held at the Yale Club in Manhattan earlier today, speaking before a group of about two dozen major Democratic donors about the influence of outside groups on the GOP side, multiple sources said." (Maggie Haberman, "Plouffe Appears At Event For Pro-Obama Super PAC, Which Hires New Fundraiser," Politico, 3/19/12)

"Messina And Senior Campaign Strategist David Axelrod Have Attended Super PAC Fundraisers..." "In addition to Plouffe, Messina and senior campaign strategist David Axelrod have attended super PAC fundraisers, including events in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C." (Steven T. Dennis, "Cabinet Members A Super PAC No-Show," Roll Call, 7/10/12)

Obama Campaign Spokesman Ben LaBolt: "We Have Been Crystal Clear In Expressing Our Support For Priorities USA Action ... Officials Have Participated In And Will Continue To Participate In Their Events..." "'We have been crystal clear in expressing our support for Priorities USA Action and its mission: re-electing the President,' campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said. 'Campaign and White House officials have participated in and will continue to participate in their events across the country.'" (Steven T. Dennis, "Cabinet Members A Super PAC No-Show," Roll Call, 7/10/12)

And What's David Plouffe's Fundraising Paying For? A Disgraceful Ad That President Obama Has Refused To Condemn:

The Obama Super PAC Has Both Aired And Paid For Online Advertising For Its Disgraceful Attack Ad. "But the ad, which mistakenly aired on Ohio TV early this week, has over 819,000 YouTube views, with more than 40% coming from paid web ads, according to YouTube's analytics feature. This runs contrary to the Obama campaign's and the White House's spin that the ad is a distraction from the issues, when they first noted that the ad wasn't on TV and now that it has few resources behind it." (Zeke Miller, "SuperPAC Spent Online To Boost Controversial Ad," Buzz Feed, 8/16/12)

"Obama Campaign Officials Have Refused To Disavow The Ad..." "Obama campaign officials have refused to disavow the ad, claiming independence from the outside group and no knowledge of the woman's story." (Steve Portnoy, "'Disgusting' Pro-Obama Ad Criticized By Democrat," ABC News, 8/9/12)

The Obama White House, On Why President Obama Won't Condemn The Super PAC: "He Doesn't Dictate Or Coordinate With Third-Party Groups." QUESTION: "So you were asked before about the cancer ad again.  Why, then, won't the President say, in that interview or anywhere -- that since he wants to focus on these serious issues, why doesn't he tell any of his advisors out there, this does not fit with that, this does not fit with this--" CARNEY:  "Well, of course, we do not -- he doesn't dictate to or coordinate with third-party groups." (White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Press Briefing, 8/16/12)

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