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Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: "The Voters Of New Hampshire Want Change In Washington"

January 08, 2008

Governor Romney On The Need For Change In A Broken Washington (Fox News' "Fox & Friends," 1/8/08):

Fox News' Alisyn Camerota: "Governor, you're talking about the Fox Forum a couple of nights ago, and you did basically see your poll numbers rise after that. What sort of magic did you do there? What was your strategy on the Fox Forum that allowed for people to turn in your favor?"

Governor Romney: "Well, I think there's a growing feeling across New Hampshire, and we saw it in Iowa as well, people want change in Washington. They feel that Washington is broken, and the voters here in New Hampshire are saying, 'You know, if we're going to change Washington, we can't send back the same old people and just put them in different chairs. We have to have new people, somebody who represents change.' I also think that because Barack Obama is seeing a bit of a surge and may win here, people are saying, 'Who would match up best against Barack Obama?' And I think Barack Obama has shown that he's the Senator killer, and if you want somebody who can beat Barack Obama, it's going to have to be a governor. It's going to have to be somebody who has a track record of bringing change."

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Governor Romney On Conservative Change In Washington (NBC's "Today," 1/8/08):

NBC's Matt Lauer: "Yeah, but we talk about change here, Governor, and I've heard you on countless occasions in debates and in speeches talk about – kind of evoking the name of Ronald Reagan, that you are the true Reagan Republican here. So if you're looking to throw back to the past, how can you also be an agent for change for the future?"

Governor Romney: "You throw back to the principles of the Reagan era. There's no question about that. But Washington is fundamentally broken not because it doesn't have principles, but because Republicans and Democrats just can't get the job done. They've been failing to get immigration fixed. They've failed to get us independent of foreign oil. They failed to get health care for our citizens. They failed to reduce taxes on the middle-class. These are not Republican or Democrat issues. They're the issues of incapability of doing the job at hand, and you have to have somebody who goes to Washington who's not so use to the Senate Cloakroom and all the lobbyists there that they're paralyzed to get the job done for the American people. I spent my life changing things, in business, at the Olympics and in government. And I'm going to change things in Washington."

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Mitt Romney, Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: "The Voters Of New Hampshire Want Change In Washington" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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