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Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: The Daily Nonpareil Endorses Governor Mitt Romney

December 30, 2007

"Sunday's Our View: Nonpareil Endorses Romney"

The Daily Nonpareil [Council Bluffs, IA]


December 30, 2007

"Our Position: Romney excels over all other Republican candidates.

"At no time in recent memory has this nation faced a greater array of formidable, complex and potentially dangerous challenges. The very nature of those complex challenges and the potential means of addressing them is a recipe for divisiveness. As Americans continue their search for a new commander-in-chief, they should search for an individual with vision, intellect and experience.

"In a Republican presidential field that boasts a host of candidates who bring a wide range of talents and experience to the table, we think former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney rises to the top as the best choice to lead his party toward the 2008 election."


"While all experiences point to what we feel would be a successful term in the White House, Romney's four years as governor of Massachusetts, a solidly Democratic state, underscore his potential for leading this nation. Those four years demonstrate his understanding of economic principles, the intricacies of reform and, most of all, his understanding of the need to work with those on the other side of the political aisle.

"Both the economy and the budget in Massachusetts were in better shape at the end of Romney's term than at the beginning, and the state had made significant strides in the areas of education and health care.

"Those results were not Romney's alone, but they were, in our view, the result of his vision and his leadership.

"Republicans need to think not only about a candidate who can win but also about a candidate who has the ability – the track record – to actually run the country if they win.

"That person is, in our opinion, Mitt Romney."

To read the full endorsement, please see:

Mitt Romney, Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: The Daily Nonpareil Endorses Governor Mitt Romney Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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