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Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: Governor Romney on Radio Mambi

March 19, 2007

Interview with Radio Mambi

March 19, 2007

RADIO MAMBI's ARMANDO PEREZ-ROURA: "We know very well about Mitt Romney's resume and service as Governor. In a state as liberal as Massachusetts, he has managed to govern successfully despite being among some of the most prominent liberals in this nation. We hope that should he become president, that by then Fidel Castro will no longer be in power and that Cuba will receive the reconstruction assistance it needs."


RADIO MAMBI's NINOSKA PEREZ CASTELLON: "Let's go to Plan B, just in case that Castro or his brother is there. What would your policy be on Cuba? What would you change or perhaps do to help bring about freedom and democracy in Cuba?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "There are four major points of pressure that can change any regime and particularly the regime in Cuba. First is economic pressure. It's important for us to maintain our sanctions and help reduce the price of oil by becoming energy independent ourselves because the high price of oil is giving money to Hugo Chavez. The second pillar is to exert diplomatic isolation to make sure that the Castros are recognized as tyrants anywhere they travel. The third is to communicate more effectively to the people of Cuba and the world about the human rights abuses in Cuba. This can be done particularly through students, who naturally have great concern when they understand about human rights abuses. The final pillar is military strength. America must always be ready in the event of any military incursion by Castro or Chavez against the people of America. We must always be prepared so that the leaders of those countries understand that America will not ever be intimidated.

"Perhaps looking over these four pillars is the recognition that it is time to do more thinking and acting about Cuba. For too long America has forgotten Latin America."


PEREZ CASTELLON: "You have an extraordinary record of achievement as Governor in Massachusetts. What would you say is the most important thing you've learned that you would bring to the presidency?"

GOVERNOR: "That talk is of very little value. Unless you're in radio. From a political leader, you want action. I came from the private world, not government. ... I've learned through a lifetime in the private sector how to actually get the job done, not just talk about it."

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