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Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: Governor Romney Discusses The Situation In Pakistan

December 28, 2007

Governor Romney On Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" (12/27/07):

Rich Lowry: "This isn't news to you, obviously, but I have to let our viewers know in the interest of full disclosure that my magazine, National Review, endorsed you two weeks ago. But let me ask you about Pakistan. Governor, just how worrisome is the situation to you? What do you think the Bush administration's next move should be because obviously this was a big blow to its policy, which was premised recently on getting Benazir Bhutto back there and hoping that she became prime minister?"

Governor Romney: "We certainly want to see the progress toward democratization in Pakistan continue. It's very much the hope of the people of this country that we'll see stability return to Pakistan and that they will be able to proceed with elections and have a democratically elected leadership. That's what we hope we'll see. Obviously, things could unravel in some way. We could have some period of tension and disruption, but that's something which we don't want to see.

"This really underscores the fact, of course, that what's occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan is not unique to those areas alone, that there is a radical, violent Jihadist effort throughout the world that's trying to topple not just Western governments but moderate governments in the world of Islam. We as a nation are going to have to work together with other nations to help moderate voices within the world of Islam with a wide array of support. But this is something we're going to have to do not just in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq, but everywhere from Indonesia to Nigeria. There's a big amount of work ahead to help Muslims become strong enough to reject the extreme within them."

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Governor Romney On NBC's "Today" Show (12/28/07):

NBC's Ann Curry: "Most analysts would say, Governor, that the events of yesterday will help your chief opponents, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Are you concerned, are you worried that your campaign will be impacted negatively?"

Governor Mitt Romney: "I think we have to put the events of the world at a higher level than thinking about local politics, but I do believe as well that people recognize that what we want in a leader is a person who can actually guide America in a very challenging time. You look back to the – one of the great foreign policy leaders of our nation was Ronald Reagan. He was a governor, not a so-called foreign policy expert. He was a person who knew how to make difficult decisions and how to lead in times of crisis. I think if you look at my life's experience you'll recognize that's what I bring to the table."

Curry: "Ronald Reagan was not elected at a time of war. Why should voters embrace you without having – not seeing you having had a lot of foreign policy credentials? Why should they embrace you as leading this nation in this very challenging time in our world's history?"

Governor Romney: "Well, certainly Ronald Reagan was elected at a time of the Cold War and the Cold War was the greatest challenge that was faced by this nation in the last half of the last century, so it was a very critical time. Ronald Reagan took on the spread of Soviet-style communism throughout the world and he was successful, not because he was a general himself and thought he could mastermind our military strategy, but instead because he had the skills of leadership that allowed him to bring together brilliant people, to chart a course that would overcome Soviet expansionism and it worked. My life's experience is likewise, being a strategist in the private sector, in the Olympics and also in running a state. That kind of leadership skill I think is exactly what America needs right now."

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Mitt Romney, Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: Governor Romney Discusses The Situation In Pakistan Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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