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Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: Governor Mitt Romney on "Nightline"

January 30, 2007

ABC's "Nightline"

January 29, 2007

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ABC's Terry Moran On The Trail With Governor Mitt Romney:

ABC's TERRY MORAN: "One of the contenders you might not have heard much about yet. The competition for the Republican nomination's wide open, so pay attention to the man from Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, and the big question about him. How much will his faith be a factor? I spent the day with him in Iowa as part of our series, 'The Contenders.'"

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "Wow. Look at the size of this group. Oh, my."

MORAN: "Mitt Romney, a Republican candidate for president, sure is nice."


MORAN: "He's personable, polite, cheerful, nice all the time, it seems."


MORAN: "Do you find people know you out here?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "They don't yet. But that's exactly what I mean. That's an itch. I mean, you know, we got a year to go. So it's just a lot of trips, get to know people, learn who they are on a personal basis. They get to know you."


MORAN: "But a lot of people think Mitt Romney is going to be a formidable candidate. He's got the money, the skills, the looks, and the track record that might appeal to a lot of Republicans."


MORAN: "Romney is definitely smooth, polished, a political pro."

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "When you face challenges, you go to your core beliefs. And I happen to believe something about America's source of strength."

MORAN: "He's already assembled a top-flight campaign team. They managed to pack every event when we were with him. And he's done his homework on the issues. Here he is at a massive ethanol plant in rural Iowa."

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "As a nation, we need to support the development of new technologies and the adoption of new technologies so that we can free ourselves from the non-market OPEC stranglehold on energy in this country."


MORAN: "As he ends this campaign day with a lot more ahead of him, Mitt Romney seems full of hope. Hope that Republicans and Americans, in general, are ready for a new face, a pretty handsome one at that, and a new voice, a voice that just happens to belong to a Mormon."

Governor Mitt Romney On His Faith:

MORAN: "But there's something else about Mitt Romney, something that makes him different from every other candidate. He's a Mormon. Would you describe yourself as a devout Mormon? True believer?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "Absolutely. I'm proud of my faith. It's part of my heritage. I think the American people respect individuals of faith. That's the kind of person they wanna lead the country."

Governor Mitt Romney On His Pro-Life Record:

MORAN: "What's your position on abortion?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "I'm pro-life."


MORAN: "Your critics say you're flip-flopping rather conveniently when you're running for president."

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "Well, you know, we all learn from experience. And I'm just like other people in this nation. Not everything I believed 12 or 13 years ago is the same today, with regards to the issue of abortion. And so about two years ago, I said I am pro-life. And prior to that time, I had a different position."

Governor Mitt Romney On Iraq:

MORAN: "Was it the right thing for the United States to invade Iraq?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "Well, I supported the President at the time. He indicated that based on intelligence, we had weapons of mass destruction, a threat to this land. He proposed a solution and I supported it. And I'm not going back in trying to second-guess that. I don't have the data or inside sources to suggest doing that."


GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "There's no question about the fact that we have not conducted the war as effectively as we might ... and it's been problematic and has caused part of the problems we face today."

Mitt Romney, Romney Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It: Governor Mitt Romney on "Nightline" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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