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Romney Campaign Press Release - Ann Romney: "Mitt Romney Is Ready To Lead The Country"

November 02, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Ready To Lead The Country

Iowa City Press-Citizen

By Ann Romney

November 2, 2012

Four years ago — at the end of the last campaign — I swore I would never do this again.

Campaigns are hard on candidates, and they are hard on their families. But when the time came for Mitt and me to make a decision about whether he would run for president, I knew in my heart that Mitt had to run.

Our country is in trouble. Too many people are suffering. I knew that my husband has the experience, the vision and the leadership abilities to turn things around.

When Mitt was governor of Massachusetts, I saw first-hand how he accomplished his goals. I watched as he worked with a legislature that was overwhelmingly Democratic. They didn't always see eye-to-eye. In fact, they disagreed more often than they agreed. However, they put aside their differences and worked together to accomplish common goals. They came together to eliminate our state's deficit, to cut taxes, and to pass overdue reforms.

Bipartisanship can work. It is something we sorely need in Washington today.

I believe that President Obama is a good man who wants his policies to succeed and for America to return to prosperity. But good intentions are not enough. There is a lot more to governing.

Bipartisanship is not something one only needs to talk about; one has to actually practice it. The president's good intentions cannot make up for the disappointments of the last four years.

I've seen the effects of those disappointments up close. I've met too many men and women who've lost their jobs. I've had tearful moms come up to me after an event and tell me that they worry about how they will keep a roof over the heads of their kids. I've gotten to know people who are nearing the age when they planned to retire, but who can't afford to stop working. I've met recent college graduates who did everything right, got good grades in school, but still can't find a job.

And for each person I've met, there are hundreds more who could tell the same story. People across the country are scared and worried about the future.

America does not need to be a country in which people fear the future. We have always been an optimistic people.

My husband has a vision for America where there is opportunity for all who seek it. He has a plan to create millions of new jobs and return the country to the path of economic growth and prosperity.

Mitt has faced big challenges before, but he's never backed down. He's never seen a bad situation that he couldn't turn around. The last four years have been difficult, but they are not the end of the road. They can be the beginning of a new road.

We have the opportunity to make a major change in the direction our country is headed. This election is a choice between four more years like the last four and a future full of hope and opportunity.

Mitt is ready to help bring about that future for you and for your children and grandchildren.

All he needs is your vote.

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