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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Richardson Gains Strength on the Seacoast

August 20, 2007

For Two Fathers, Governor's Plan for Getting Out of Iraq Makes the Difference

MANCHESTER, NH -- Today, the Richardson for President campaign continued to gain momentum in New Hampshire with the announcement of several key endorsements from Seacoast Region leaders and Democratic activists, including two fathers whose sons are currently serving in Iraq.

The following individuals announced their support for Bill Richardson: Portsmouth Town Democratic Committee Chairman Peter Somssich, Portsmouth Democratic activist Thomas Slater, former Dover Mayor Wil Boc and State Representative Susan Kepner of Hampton. All cited the Governor's experience, his plan for getting all US troops out of Iraq with no residual forces left behind, and his aggressive grassroots campaign efforts in the Granite State as the reasons they are planning on voting for Richardson in the upcoming New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Peter Somssich and Wil Boc each have a son currently serving in Iraq. Both men cited the Governor's message on Iraq as a key factor in their decision.

"In Iraq, our troops have become targets. Governor Richardson is the one Presidential candidate who understands that the removal of all US troops from Iraq with no residual forces left behind is the critical first step toward providing a real chance for peace and stability in the region," said Portsmouth Town Democratic Chairman Peter Somssich. "Our troops have done everything we've asked of them and it's time to bring them home."

"With his background as a UN Ambassador and global troubleshooter, Bill Richardson is uniquely qualified to lead the tough, diplomatic negotiations that must occur between Iraqi factions and amongst neighboring countries," said former Dover Mayor Wil Boc.

Today's announcement is the latest in a string of good news for the Bill Richardson for President campaign in New Hampshire. The latest UNH/CNN poll showed Governor Richardson supplanting John Edwards and moving into third place. Other recent polling has charted Bill Richardson just seven points behind Barack Obama in New Hampshire.

Governor Richardson's efforts have been bolstered by a firm commitment to grassroots campaigning in the New Hampshire primary tradition. Since July, Governor Richardson has spent ten jam-packed days campaigning in the Granite State, visiting all ten counties and holding thirty-three public events. Governor Richardson was the only Democratic candidate in the state over the Fourth of July holiday, attending parades in Amherst, Merrimack and Greenville.

"These endorsements are further proof that New Hampshire voters are responding to Bill Richardson's vision for creating a clean energy economy, providing guaranteed, affordable healthcare for all Americans and getting all US forces out of Iraq with no residual forces left behind," said Campaign Manager David Contarino. "Governor Richardson's success is a testament to the power of grassroots, person-to-person campaigning in the Granite State."

The Governor's next trip to the Granite State will be on August 24th.

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