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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Richardson for President Campaign Unveils Americans with Disabilities Policy

December 17, 2007

National Disabilities Spokeswoman Cody Unser lays out policy in live online video chat

MOUNT VERNON, IA-- The Richardson for President campaign yesterday evening unveiled its Americans with Disabilities policy in an online video chat with Cody Unser of the Unser racing family, the campaign's National Disabilities Spokeswoman. In the online chat, Unser discussed Governor Richardson's vision for disabled Americans.

"I think we all know that we absolutely have to elect a President in 2008 who understands that the concerns of disabled Americans are the concerns of all Americans," Unser said. "I am here to tell you that Bill Richardson will be that President. He is committed to making real progress on the issues that matter to disabled Americans. I have seen him do it in New Mexico."

Cody Unser, daughter of two-time Indianapolis 500 champion Al Unser, Jr., was diagnosed at the age of twelve with Transverse Myelitis (TM), a neurological condition that causes inflammation of the spinal cord. She has been paralyzed from the waist down since 1999. The Cody Unser First Step Foundation was established to build awareness about TM, promote research, and improve Quality of Life programs for others with paralysis.

In the Richardson campaign's inaugural online video chat, Unser elaborated on the work that Governor Richardson has done in New Mexico, described the policies that he will enact as President, and answered the questions of those participating in the chat.

"Governor Richardson has a long history of supporting people with disabilities," Unser said. "He has worked with my foundation to create the New Mexico Disabilities Portal, a one-stop center for information and services that helps New Mexicans with disabilities find the best possible resources to meet individual needs. I have been deeply impressed by Governor Richardson's work in New Mexico, and I am excited by his vision for America."

Richardson spoke about his Americans with Disabilities policy and his plans as President to help people with disabilities.

"I am proud to have Cody acting as National Disabilities Spokeswoman for my campaign," Governor Richardson said. "Cody understands, as I do, that to support Americans with disabilities, we must guarantee every American his or her civil rights. We must ensure opportunities for people with disabilities to be independent, successful members of their respective communities.

"As President, I will sign the bipartisan ADA Restoration Act. The Supreme Court's recent reactionary decisions must be corrected by federal legislation. We must end the Catch-22 of allowing businesses to say that a person is "too disabled" to do a job but "not disabled enough" to be protected by the ADA."

To read Governor Richardson's Americans with Disabilities policy, click here.

Bill Richardson, Richardson Campaign Press Release - Richardson for President Campaign Unveils Americans with Disabilities Policy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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