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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Richardson Campaign Launches New Hampshire Grassroots Environmentalist Initiative

November 08, 2007

MANCHESTER, NH-- The New Hampshire for Richardson campaign today announced the formation of Granite State Environmentalists for Richardson and released the names of more than fifty of the group's members, who are environmental leaders, activists, and entrepreneurs from across the state.

The Granite State Environmentalists for Richardson group will focus on grassroots voter outreach, informing New Hampshire voters about Governor Richardson's bold vision for combating global warming and eliminating our nation's crippling dependence on foreign oil. These ideas are the focus of Governor Richardson's new book, Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution.

Laura and Gil Richardson, not related, of Benton Flats are founders of Empowered Homes LLC, a business that renovates and retrofits homes for efficient and renewable energy use. Their own home is completely "off-the-grid," meaning that it is completely energy self-sufficient.

"Energy is a true umbrella issue that impacts our health, our environment, and our economy," Laura Richardson said. "Governor Richardson has a bold plan to move our country toward energy independence. Having been a governor, congressman, and Energy Secretary, he can support his ideas with a clear record of real accomplishment."

Governor Richardson has been named an Environmental Leader of the Year by the National Environmental Trust, the National Wildlife Federation, and Vanity Fair magazine. The Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters have called his energy plan the most aggressive proposed by any Presidential candidate.

Below is a list of Granite State Environmentalists for Richardson (in alphabetical order):

Eric Abrams

Brian and Maura Adams

Patrick Arnold

Jane Bealieu

Dave Berman

Allen Bertrand

Robin Boyd

Cheryl Burrons

Bruce Buttrick

Dot Callaghan

Timothy Clark

Doug Clayton

John Copenhaver

David Cotzin

Tom Cross

Fran DeFeo

Paul Deschenes

Stephen Dialessi

Bob Dinaburg

Steve Emery

Carol Galdo

Deb Gibbson

Lois Graham

Charles and Alma Grand

Tom Halligan

Keith Halloran

Pam Hof

William Jackson

Tara Jakobs

Jean Lavin

Rei Lewis

David Littlefield

Tim Maguire

Linda McCracken

Lesli McKay

Denis Messier

Miriam Osofsky

Tom Parker

Julie Perron

Ally Pratt

Bob Pratt

Laura and Gil Richardson

Stephen Richmond

Robert Roxby

Joe Schapno

Joe Smith

Roger Stephenson

Kathleen Vetter

Gordon Webber

April Weed

Aaron West

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