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Richardson Campaign Press Release - New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Announces Endorsements in Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas

May 18, 2007

Richardson's political momentum accelerates across the country as campaign grows and message on Iraq war spreads

SANTA FE, NM-Today, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson announced the appointment of numerous prominent elected officials, Democratic activists, and community leaders from Texas, Georgia and Arkansas to lead his state Steering Committees and join his campaign team as part of his effort to secure the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination.

"I am honored to have such a tremendous amount of support from prominent, respected, and qualified Democrats from across the country," said Governor Richardson. "Our momentum is accelerating every day. And with the support of each of these Steering Committee members we are proving the political strength of my campaign. I am looking forward to campaigning in each of these states and working with my supporters to spread my message of moving America forward."



  • Silvestre Reyes, Congressman
  • Gene Green, Congressman
  • Domingo Garcia, Former Dallas City Councilor
  • Henry Cisneros, Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Appointed by Pres. Clinton
  • Rick Noreiga, TX State Representative
  • JD Salinas III, Hidalgo City Judge
  • Tony Villarreal, Mayor of Ft. Stockton
  • Gil Coronado, Retired Colonel
  • Pete Gallego, TX State Representative
  • Jack Ogg, Former TX State Senator
  • Ygnacio D. "Nacho" Garza, Former Mayor of Brownsville
  • Sylvia Romo, Bexar City Tax Assessor & Former State Representative
  • Susan Hays, Dallas County Democratic Chair
  • Ana "Cha" Guzman, Educator and Businesswoman
  • Frank Santos, President of Santos Alliances
  • Betty Burris, Democratic Activist
  • Eric Reeves, Dallas Businessman and Former NC State Senator
  • Gilberto Ocanas, Businessman and Democratic Activist
  • Rick Bolanos, Vietnam Veteran and Democratic Activist
  • Celia Israel, Democratic Activist
  • RJ Laino, Businessman
  • Rolando Rios, Attorney and Businessman

"Our war policy and energy policy are connected and currently on the wrong path. At this time in our history, perhaps more than ever, America requires the leadership to put us on the right course. Bill Richardson brings successful foreign policy experience and energy policy experience to get this country back on the right track. The crisis of our situation demands that our country elect the most qualified candidate, a proven leader, to get us through this difficult time. Bill Richardson is that proven leader and our country needs him."

  • Texas State Representative Rick Noreiga

If there ever is a time when we, the people of this United States, need a unifying force, it is now. We are tired of high gas prices and the continuing deception of the War.

I support Gov. Bill Richardson because of his diversity of experience. He is the most qualified person who can bring reality back to the White House, who can effectively bring this Nation together, fiscally sound and diplomatically strong."

  • The Honorable Sylvia S. Romo, C.P.A.Tax Assessor-Collector, San Antonio

"We in West Texas are very proud of the experience and expertise that Gov. Bill Richardson brings to the table as our candidate for President. His record as a Congressman, Energy Secretary and Governor clearly shows he is the onlycandidate in the Democratic Party or Republican Party that has a balance of good government experience."

  • Mayor of Ft. Stockton Texas Tony Villarreal

"Bill Richardson is the right leader for the right time. He is a leader that can balance our budget, reclaim our leadership role in the world and bring our divided country together. Our nation needs Bill Richardson's leadership qualities to move America forward."

  • Eric Reeves, Dallas Businessman & Former North Carolina Senator.



  • Sam Zamarripa, Former Georgia State Senator, Co-Chair
  • George "Buddy" Darden, Former Congressman, Co-Chair


  • Lawrence "Bud" Stumbaugh, Former Georgia State Senator
  • Virgilio Perez Pascoe, Executive Fellow at Center for Hispanic Studies, Kennesaw State University
  • Kevin Ross, Advisor to Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, Senior Advisor to Cong. John Lewis 1986
  • J. Rutherford Seydel II, Business, Environmental & Conservation Attorney
  • Wendy Davis, Former Campaign Manager to US Senator Max Cleland & Congressman Sanford Bishop
  • Michael Dailey, Founding Partner, Anderson Dailey LLP
  • Charles "Gene" Watkins, Senior Counsel for CBEYOND

"We are pleased and proud in Georgia with the strong showing of our candidate Bill Richardson in the early stages of the campaign. Bill Richardson is undoubtedly the most qualified candidate seeking the Presidency. He has foreign policy experience. He is a Governor with hands-on experience dealing with the administration of government, as well as interacting with the legislative branch of government. He has served in Congress and been a member of the President Clinton's Cabinet as Secretary of Energy. Bill Richardson is a unifier. He can bring people together. He believes in dialogue and in the exchange of ideas even with those who disagree with him or our country. Bill Richardson truly will be an outstanding President of the United States and we are excited to recommend him to all Georgians."

  • Former Congressman George "Buddy" Darden



  • Kevin Smith, Former State Representative & State Senator, Co-Chair
  • Tommy Baker, State Representative, Co-Chair


  • Jimmy Jeffress, State Senator
  • Gene Yabrough, Mayor of Star City, AR
  • Jo Ann Smith, Former State Representative, Former Helena Mayor & First Female Municipal League President
  • Drew Pritt, Former Candidate for Lt. Governor

"Governor Bill Richardson has the most experience in foreign and domestic policy, of any candidate in either party. He is the only serious candidate with a public commitment to immediately remove our nation from the quagmire in the Middle East, and to bring our soldiers back home as soon as he takes office. He is the only candidate in either party that seems to be listening to what the American people want. Governor Richardson gets it, and -- more importantly -- has the experience to pull it off. That is why I am proud to both endorse him and Co-Chair his campaign in Arkansas."

  • Former State Representative & State Senator Kevin Smith

Additional political endorsements and state steering committees will be announced in the coming weeks.

Bill Richardson, Richardson Campaign Press Release - New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Announces Endorsements in Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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