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Richardson Campaign Press Release - "Leading by Example" by Governor Bill Richardson Released Today

November 06, 2007

NEW YORK, NY-- In LEADING BY EXAMPLE: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution (Wiley; November 2007; $25.95; Cloth; ISBN: 978-0-470-18637-4), New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson outlines his plans for an American energy and security revolution. The Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters have called Richardson's plan the most aggressive of those offered by the candidates running for President.

"We need to make a major commitment to energy reform-- a man-on-the-moon effort," Richardson said. "Baby steps are not going to cut it. We need a revolution to break our addiction to foreign oil, develop renewable energy, and create the jobs of the future. It will require sacrifice from every American and real leadership from the next President.

"The threat of global warming is very real, and we must address it now. Clean air for American communities is critical-- nine million children have asthma. Never again do we want to have to send our kids to die in the deserts of the Middle East. An energy revolution is coming, and we must lead it."

Richardson presents his plan in a concise and straight-forward manner-- that the U.S. should start a ten-year program right now to eliminate its dependence on overseas oil. The underlying principles are to create competition, make markets work more efficiently, eliminate the dominance of oil and coal, and bring efficiency and alternative energy sources to the fore in key sectors.

"Our economy and environment are suffering," Richardson said. "Oil is over $90 a barrel. We spend $300 billion a year buying and defending foreign oil, at least ten times more than my program would cost. In the past fifteen years, we have had two big wars in the oil-rich Middle East. We also are dangerously heating the climate.

"My plan would create jobs and improve our security. We can restore our technological, economic, and global leadership. We can inspire the world, solve problems, and create a new energy economy. America is ready. We can help American businesses and American households to make the change, but we must act boldly and act now."

Bill Richardson, Richardson Campaign Press Release - "Leading by Example" by Governor Bill Richardson Released Today Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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