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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Iowa Peace Group STAR*PAC Endorses Bill Richardson for President

November 08, 2007

MANCHESTER, NH-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson yesterday received the endorsement of the Stop the Arms Race Political Action Committee of Iowa (STAR*PAC).

"I am very proud to gain the endorsement of STAR*PAC and its members," Richardson said. "They have been true leaders in the peace and justice community in Iowa and across the country for the past 25 years. I am pleased that they recognize that I am the only major candidate who will get all of our troops out of Iraq and leave behind no residual forces. They understand, like I do, that we cannot start a war with Iran. We must promote more diplomacy, not more conflict. They also understand that, in order to protect our nation from the threat of global terrorism, we must work together with the world community to address poverty, hunger, AIDS, and the lack of educational opportunities that plague developing nations."

STAR*PAC invited all of the Presidential candidates from both parties to participate in candidate forums and to submit replies to candidate questionnaires. Governor Richardson, Senator Obama, Senator Dodd, and John Edwards participated in individual candidate forums or meetings hosted by STAR*PAC, and STAR*PAC received candidate questionnaires from Governor Richardson, Senator Obama, John Edwards, and Representative Dennis Kucinich.

Iowa's STAR*PAC Chair Harold Wells cited Richardson's Iraq position as the primary reason behind the group's endorsement.

"Governor Richardson consistently has promised to get all of our troops out of Iraq within one year, and probably as soon as six months," Wells said. "He promises that he will leave no residual troops behind. His message is the same wherever he speaks-- to a military audience in Georgetown, a New Hampshire town meeting, in a rural Iowa community or at STAR*PAC's candidate forum with the Governor in August. Three generals-- General Volney Warner, General William Odom, and Lt. General Robert Gard-- support Richardson's plans to get the troops out of Iraq."

"I am deeply committed to raising America's standing in the world," Governor Richardson said. "I believe, as STAR*PAC does, that America must be a global leader. I am honored to have STAR*PAC's support, and they will be a great voice to help spread my message across the state of Iowa."

"For many of us, the most important thing is that Bill Richardson is highly qualified and has a depth of experience not easily matched," said Chuck Day, long-time STAR*PAC leader and National Chair. "He has served as U.N. Ambassador, as a two-term Governor, and as Energy Secretary. He was nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he served fifteen years as a U.S. Congressman. Bill Richardson will be able to move immediately to address the Iraq war and the terrorist threat without on-the-job-training."

To view STAR*PAC's press release endorsing Bill Richardson for President, please click here.

STAR*PAC was founded in 1980 by Iowans who felt that it was crucial to have a statewide organization dedicated to political action against the weapons race and resurgent militarism. They are dedicated to political action against war. Established at the peak of the Cold War, amid a perilous and costly nuclear weapons race, STAR*PAC continues to advocate against the arms race and exorbitant military spending and tackles many other foreign and military policy issues.

STAR*PAC works to raise fundamental issues of war and peace, especially in Congressional elections and the pivotal Iowa Presidential Caucuses. They help educate and mobilize Iowans on peace issues and actively support candidates who are dedicated to peace. In past elections, STAR*PAC has focused on war and peace issues at individual and all-candidate forums, submitted and published candidate responses to questionnaires on peace issues, and worked to elect the strongest peace candidates. STAR*PAC has endorsed candidates, sponsored speaking tours featuring nationally-known foreign policy experts and peace leaders, organized media campaigns, and mobilized voters.

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