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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Governor Richardson's Bill Action

March 30, 2007

Office of New Mexico Governor Press Release

Governor Bill Richardson signed numerous bills into legislation today. The Governor has until April 6 to take action on all other bills passed before the end of the session.

Bill # Sponsor
HB 0092 Lundstrom Payday Lending
HB 0160 Anderson Child Adoption Awareness License Plates
HB 0234 Stewart Public Benefit Expiration Notices & Responses
HB 0271 Maestas Identify Minors & Dependants Upon Arrests
HB 0279 Steinborn Utility Disclosure of Consumer Info
HB 0319 Wirth Adult Protective System Services and Penalties
HB 0321 Wirth Pedestrian Right of Way in Crosswalks
HB 0649 Maestas State Fair Commission Procurement
HB 0721 King Tribes in County Maternal & Child Health Act
HB 0732 Zanetti Increase Homestead & Property Exemptions
HB 0738 Swisstack Public Disclosure of Child Info
HB 0777 Larranaga Oil and Gas Reclamation Fund Stability
HB 0922 B. Lujan Hemophilia Awareness Day
HB 0939 Madalena Eastern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control
HB 1102 Varela Closure of DFA Revolving Fun
HB 1126 Maestas Deferred Sentence Opinion Contribution Program
HB 1226 Gonzales Timely Payment of School GO Bonds
HB 1266 Silva Main Street Revolving Loan Act
SB 0023 Komadina Certain Healthcare Provider Limited Liability
SB 0087 Altamirano Governor's Game and Fish Authorizations
SB 0165 Sharer Security Freeze on Credit Report Info
SB 0197 Nava Insurance Coverage for Certain Disorders
SB 0270 Griego HIV Testing During Routine Medical Care
SB 0305 Taylor Mixed Martial Arts Contest Jurisdiction
SB 0345 Taylor Gas Tax Deductions and Surety Bonds
SB 0428 Feldman Small Employer Health Coverage
SB 0490 Rawson Self-Insured Group Reporting Requirements
SB 0566 Adair On-Campus Military Recruiting
SB 0600 B Sanchez Health Program Cultural Competence Education
SB 0621 Martinez Private Investigator & Polygrapher Regulations
SB 0648 Asbill School Bus Registration Alternatives
SB 0717 Taylor University Athletic Facility Bond
SB 0858 Nava NMSU College Assistance Migrant Program
SB 0912 Martinez Endangered Person Advisories

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