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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Governor Richardson Connects at Brown and Black Forum

December 01, 2007

DES MOINES, IA-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson connected with the audience tonight at the Brown and Black Forum in Des Moines, Iowa by sharing his extensive experience in promoting diversity.

"Diversity is not just a talking point for me," Richardson said. "I have spent my life working on these issues. As Secretary of Energy, two-thirds of my appointments were minorities and women, and three-quarters of my Cabinet in New Mexico is comprised of minorities and women."

As Governor of New Mexico, Richardson has implemented policies that embrace and promote diversity. During the Presidential campaign, he has continued to do so by creating Mi Familia con Richardson, a nationwide family-to-family grassroots mobilization network targeted at the Latino community.

"Latinos in Iowa do not need polls to make up their mind: many of us have given Governor Richardson his job interview and decided that we want to hire him as our President," said Eddie Diaz, a community activist and Mi Familia con Richardson leader in Perry, Iowa. "He is a member of our community and an inspiration to our children. He is the most qualified candidate, and his honest approach to difficult situations will be a refreshing change that will earn the American public's trust."

At the forum, Richardson demonstrated his bold leadership on education.

"I think that we need to be bolder-- I would scrap No Child Left Behind," Richardson said. "I will establish a national average starting salary of $40,000 for teachers. Pre-K and kindergarten will be available to every child in America, and we will have math and science academies across the country to prepare our children today for the jobs of tomorrow."

Richardson also made the point that, as Congress continues to be dysfunctional, governors must rise to the occasion and take action. Governors have the proven CEO experience to be President.

"I admire this man and his politics," said T.K. Anderson, a civil rights activist and the deputy political director of Richardson's campaign in Iowa. "Governor Richardson expanded New Mexico's anti-discrimination laws to include hate crimes and passed legislation to protect those affected by acts of sexual abuse and domestic violence. He also was deemed a 'Champion of Choice' by NARAL New Mexico. His list of contributions along these lines is endless."

Governor Richardson has a bold vision for change, particularly on jobs and the economy.

"We are the Democratic Party," Richardson said. "If we stand for anything, we stand for jobs. We stand for workers' rights. We stand for the ability of every American to earn his or her own way. By creating new, well-paying jobs and adhering to fiscal discipline, we can rebuild our economy. We must make incentivizing and investing in high-tech, high-wage jobs a top priority."

Bill Richardson, Richardson Campaign Press Release - Governor Richardson Connects at Brown and Black Forum Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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