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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Governor Bill Richardson Releases New Advertisement in Iowa

October 30, 2007

"When I Began" to run in tandem with ad detailing Richardson's successful efforts to obtain release of hostages from Iraq

SANTA FE, NM-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson today released a new ad in Iowa entitled "When I Began." The ad, which will run in conjunction with the campaign's "Only One" ad, features Governor Richardson speaking directly to voters about his character and vision for the country.

Find the ad and other background materials here:

"I am Bill Richardson, and when I began this campaign for President, I was not sure what to expect," Richardson says in the ad. "I knew I would not have every answer, but I will always tell you what I really believe. And I will never mislead you. I know who I am, and I know how hard I will work for you."

Richardson also discusses the profound differences between his Iraq plan and those of the other major candidates.

"I knew there would be differences between the candidates, especially on Iraq," Richardson says in the ad. "I will get every soldier out. You cannot say you will end the war if you plan to leave thousands of troops behind; the Iraqis sure will not think the war is over. If you are wondering if anyone can really do all this, just look at what I have done in my life and how I have done it. Not by dividing people, but by earning their trust. And that is really where we need to begin in Iraq. There is a way out."

Campaign manager Dave Contarino spoke about the new advertisement.

"Iowans have witnessed Governor Richardson's humor and experience in the Job Interview ads, and they have learned about his heroic service rescuing hostages from Iraq in 'Only One,'" Contarino said. "This new ad allows Governor Richardson to tell voters in Iowa what he is about and why he has been so successful in bringing people together to get things done. Bill Richardson is the only candidate in this race with both experience and a real vision for change."

The sixty-second ad, produced by Mark Putnam and Steve Murphy of Murphy Putnam Media, will start running today in Iowa.

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