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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Governor Bill Richardson Endorsed By Illinois Latino Community Leaders

July 16, 2007

CHICAGO, IL -- Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson's campaign continued to pick up steam yesterday as he announced the endorsement of several Illinois Latino community leaders.

"I want to be President for every person in this country, but I am an American who is proud of my Hispanic heritage," said Governor Richardson. "I am honored to have the support of these Illinois Latino leaders."

Yesterday's endorsers have formed a group, Illinois Latinos for Richardson, and they will aggressively reach out to Latinos across the state to join Governor Richardson's campaign for a stronger America.

"Governor Richardson has the right ideas and the right experience to make this country better for Latinos and all Americans," said Omar Lopez, the chair of the group. "I am proud to be a part of his team and I promise that we will work day and night to get him elected."

Yesterday's endorsement is just another sign that Governor Richardson's positive campaign is catching on across the country.

"We will not cede any state or region to any other candidate. Our campaign is going to be competitive everywhere," said campaign manager Dave Contarino.

Below is a partial list of the Illinois Latino community leaders who endorsed Governor Richardson yesterday:

Mike Fourcher, Chair, Illinois for Richardson

Omar N. Lopez, Chair, Illinois Latinos for Richardson, Director - CALOR, Community Organization

Carlos Arango, ED Casa Aztlán Organization

Roberto Armendariz, Soccer Promoter

Roberto Garza, Businessman

Guillermo Gomez, Mexica Political Organization

José Gutiérrrez, Owner Paleterias Poncho

Deborah Lopez, Political Consultant -Strategic Alliance International

Efraim López-Zacarías, Owner - DeportivoUSA/Voces Migrantes

Obed López-Zacarías, Citizens Health Organization

Juan A. Mora, Opinion leader/Columnist

Cuahutemoc Morfín, Community leader and former candidate for alderman

Jorge Mújica, Syndicated Columnist

Frank Navarro, United Soccer Association

Pedro Ochoa, President - Liga Mexicana de Futbol

Art Perez, Community activist

Carlos Pérez, Editor - Mayan Calendar News

Roberto Ramirez, CEO Universal Purpose Group

Angel S. del Rivero, Business Agent - Operating Engineers - Local 150

Raul Sandoval, World Youth Soccer League

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