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Richardson Campaign Press Release - Governor Bill Richardson Announces First Grantees for the Energy Innovation Fund

July 20, 2007

Five Grantees Offer Innovation in Solar Energy and Biodiesel Production

SANTA FE - Governor Bill Richardson today announced the first grantees for the Energy Innovation Fund. The fund is part of the Governor's commitment to continuing New Mexico's leadership as "The Clean Energy State."

"These first five grantees have presented ingenious biofuel and solar power projects that will push the envelope of innovation," said Governor Bill Richardson. "These public/private partnerships help share the cost of innovation, but our hope is that each project can yield powerful benefits to our state."

The following projects will receive support from the Energy Innovation Fund:

Solar Reduction of Carbon

Pueblo of Pojoaque / SolareC - $363,000

This innovative development effort will test a full-scale concentrating solar power system. This system uses sunlight to break down CO2 and allows direct production of electricity and hydrogen, which can either be burned at night to provide electricity or to produce synthetic fuels. If successful, this technology could revolutionize the solar energy world by providing an innovative means of storing solar energy power for later use.

Cost Competitive Biodiesel

Carlsbad / Center of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management & General Atomics-- $1.0 million

This project will produce biodiesel from algae using brackish groundwater in southeastern New Mexico. It will also determine if large scale production of biodiesel from algae in New Mexico can be economically competitive with fossil fuels. If successful, New Mexico could become a major producer of biodiesel for the U.S.

Solar Combined Heat and Power Project

New Mexico State University / Heliodyne--$280,000

This project will provide a demonstration facility that uses solar energy to produce electricity for a large building while using the waste heat from the system to heat and cool the building. This approach could provide a highly efficient system that could be employed in commercial and state buildings across New Mexico.

Bio Gas Production from Waste

Institute for Energy & Environment (NMSU) / Sierra Vista Growers--$120,000

This project will provide a substantial increase in efficiency of converting dairy manure into methane that will be burned to produce electricity. This project could help solve a waste problem and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while producing electricity.

Utility Scale Concentrating Solar Project

UNM / SkyFuel--$226,000

This project will develop an improved capability to produce efficient concentrating solar power panels at a lower cost than is presently avail able. It could result in development of megawatt scale solar power installations in New Mexico and elsewhere along with new manufacturing facilities in New Mexico.

The Office of the Governor received 26 applications requesting $19.2 million for different biofuels and solar power projects.

The Energy Innovation Fund (EIF) was created during the 2007 Legislative session. The fund was established with a $2 million appropriation. The EIF will help to accelerate the development of innovation to enable faster commercial adaptation of clean energy technologies in the state.

Each project was required to meet the following criteria: relate to achieving New Mexico goals in clean energy; be an innovative project; have the potential for a significant impact on New Mexico; and include partnerships between private and public sectors, with at least one of the principals in the project being a New Mexico entity.

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