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Rhodesian Chrome Bill Statement on Signing the Bill Into Law.

March 18, 1977

I have today signed H.R. 1746, which restores Executive authority to enforce sanctions against Rhodesian chrome.

This measure is a central element in our African policy. Members of my administration have supported it with one voice. With it, we are bringing the United States back in line with the decisions of the Security Council and with our obligations under the United Nations Charter.

H.R. 1746 effectively reinstates an embargo against the importation of Rhodesian chrome and other minerals, as well as any steel mill product containing Rhodesian chromium. As a matter of equity, however, I am issuing an Executive order [11978] which authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to exempt shipments now in transit to the United States.

Our country is committed to the concept of rapid transition to majority rule in Rhodesia under nonviolent conditions. I view this measure today as an appropriate and positive step toward that goal. We have consistently stated our belief that a peaceful solution in Rhodesia depends upon negotiations that involve a full spectrum of opinion among its leaders, both black and white. With the enactment of this measure, there can be no mistake about our support for that principle.

I hope that the present Rhodesian authorities, as well as the black African nationalist leaders, will accurately assess the vote of the Congress and this administration's stand on Rhodesia. The solution rests in their hands, not ours. Further delay in negotiations will invite more violence and increase the prospect of outside intervention--an outcome which every person of good will wishes to avoid.

With the cooperation of the Congress, we have taken a step of great importance in our southern African policy. I want to thank the leadership of both Houses for their initiative in bringing about this encouraging development.

Note: As enacted, H.R. 1746 is Public Law 9512, approved March 18.

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