Franklin D. Roosevelt

Reply to Prime Minister Churchill on Shipping Space for Private Donations to Britain.

July 09, 1942

My dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I HAVE received your letter of June 14, 1942, in which you express the gratitude of the British people for the vast stream of gifts which from the first days of the war has been flowing from America to Great Britain for the relief of suffering. You ask that this expression be conveyed to the American public.

You say also that this flow of material must be diminished due to additional demands on shipping and that it will be necessary to assign to goods of a more warlike character the shipping space which has hitherto been available for the relief of the British people. You state further that the American Gifts Committee in Great Britain, which hitherto has endeavored to insure that gifts from America shall meet some real need, will now try to control the actual volume of gifts.

I am gratified by your statement that the relief sent from this country has given comfort to the British people during their days of great trial, and I shall give to the American people your expression of appreciation for the gifts they have provided. I am convinced that their action is indicative of the profound admiration felt in this country for the heroic stand of the British people against a barbarous foe.

You may be assured that we shall cooperate in every feasible way with the American Gifts Committee in order to meet the situation brought about by the increased demand for shipping.

Very sincerely yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Reply to Prime Minister Churchill on Shipping Space for Private Donations to Britain. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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