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Remarks Upon Arrival at the Airport in Bonn, Germany

August 26, 1959

Mr. Chancellor, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am deeply grateful to you, Mr. Chancellor, for your words of welcome and indeed for the warm welcome that your fellow citizens here at this airport have accorded to me and my party.

In my country, the name Adenauer has come to symbolize the determination of the German people to remain strong and free. In the implementation of that determination, the American people stand by your side, and they send through me to you the German people, their very best wishes for your successful efforts in this matter.

And the American people stand by your side in insuring that the loyal, free people of free Berlin will, like yourselves, continue always to enjoy that great privilege.

Like you, Mr. Chancellor, I look forward to the talks we shall have. It is indeed for me a great honor to come back to this land to meet your elected leader, and with him discuss some of those matters that are so important to both our countries.

To all of you, God bless you.

Note: Chancellor Adenauer's remarks of welcome (through an interpreter) follow:

Mr. President:

On behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, I have great pleasure to welcome you on German soil. I have always been deeply moved by the sight of that great monument to freedom at the entrance to New York harbor, the Statue of Liberty. It has been my privilege on previous occasions to assure you, Mr. President, that in these dangerous and trying times, all my countrymen regard the United States more than ever as the standard-bearer of freedom.

I wish to thank you for coming to visit us during your present journey to Europe. I am convinced that the exchange of views which you will be having in the next few days with some European statesmen will further the cause of peace and security in the world.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Remarks Upon Arrival at the Airport in Bonn, Germany Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/235273

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