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Remarks on Transmitting a Special Message to the Congress on Energy Policy.

April 18, 1973

AMERICA's energy demands have grown so rapidly that they now outstrip our energy supplies. As a result, we face the possibility of temporary fuel shortages and some increases in fuel prices in America.

This is a serious challenge, but we have the ability to meet it. If our energy resources are properly developed, they can fulfill our energy requirement for centuries to come.

What is needed now is decisive and responsible action to increase our energy supplies, action which takes into account the needs of our economy, of our environment, and of our national security, and that is why I am moving forward today on several fronts.

I am ending quantitative controls on oil imports and establishing a National Energy Office.

I am ordering an acceleration in the leasing of oil lands on the Outer Continental Shelf and increasing our ability to prevent oil spills.

I am also taking new steps to maintain our vital coal industry.

In addition, I am asking the Congress to act quickly on several proposals. One would remove Government regulations which now discourage the growth of our domestic natural gas industry. Another would help us establish the research and technological groundwork for developing new forms of energy with a long-range future. And still others would permit licensing of new deepwater ports in our oceans and would open the way for the long delayed Alaska oil pipeline.

Each of these steps can help us meet our energy needs and meet those needs without sacrificing our environment or endangering our national security, so that we can continue to build a better life for all of our people in this country.

Note: The President's remarks were filmed in the Oval Office at the White House for later broadcast on radio and television.

Before transmitting the message, the President met with the bipartisan leadership of the Congress to discuss its contents.

On the same day, the President signed Proclamation 4210, relating to imports of petroleum and petroleum products, and Executive Order 11712, establishing the Special Committee on Energy and the National Energy Office.

Richard Nixon, Remarks on Transmitting a Special Message to the Congress on Energy Policy. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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