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Remarks by the Vice President in an Exchange with Reporters Prior to Departure from Oakland, California

August 12, 2022

Q: Madam Vice President, the bill looks like it just passed. What's your reaction?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: It's a historic day. When -- listen, the President's agenda has been, since the day we took office, we were going to bring down costs for the American people. And today, you're seeing that, for example, on the healthcare issue and the extreme expense that healthcare costs the American people -- in particular, our seniors. Insulin is going to be capped at $35 a month.

The climate crisis. We're here in California. We're seeing it across the nation -- the extreme weather and what it is doing to displace and to cause death in many regions of the country. We have to get in front of this. America needs to be a leader on this. It's historic -- a $370 billion investment in the climate crisis. It's going to put America back to where we should be as a leader globally.

But it's also going to be an investment in infrastructure. It's going to be an investment in jobs -- all of the work that needs to happen to allow us to be resilient and to put resources into what is a real threat for not only our nation but the world.

So, it's a good day.

Q: I know that you've been very busy today, but as a former prosecutor, do you have any reaction to the unsealed search warrant that was served on President Donald Trump?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, as a former prosecutor, I will tell you, I don't speak about anybody else's case. But I have full confidence that the Department of Justice will do what the facts and the law requires.

Q: How about some of the rhetoric that's coming out from Trump's allies? Do you have any reaction to the attempted attack on a FBI field office yesterday?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I will say, as a former prosecutor, but as a citizen of our nation, any attacks on law enforcement are completely unacceptable. And any so-called leader who engages in rhetoric that in any way suggests that that law enforcement should be exposed to that kind of danger is irresponsible and can result in dangerous activities.

You know, our law enforcement professionals -- and, in this case, we're talking about our federal law enforcement agencies -- they do very important work. And from the moment they walk out the door of their home until they go back in, their families pray for their safety and well-being.

And I think it's just highly irresponsible of anyone who calls themselves a leader and certainly anyone who represents the United States of America to engage in rhetoric for the sake of some political objective that can result in harm to law enforcement officers and agents.

Q: One last question on legislation. Do you think Democrats can get another major piece passed before the midterms?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Let us celebrate one win at a time. (Laughs.) But thank you for the question.

Take care.

Kamala Harris, Remarks by the Vice President in an Exchange with Reporters Prior to Departure from Oakland, California Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/357282

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