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Remarks at the Swearing In of Philip Nichols, Jr., and Linton M. Collins as Judges.

October 01, 1964

Ladies and gentlemen:

I deeply regret that I was detained, but I do not control the other end of all of my telephone conversations--particularly when we have conferees not agreeing with each other up on the Hill.

I am glad to be here on this very happy occasion. The size of this audience compares favorably with New England.

Obviously I ought to have a talk with these gentlemen before they become judges because I need to know how they acquired so many friends on their way up.

Linton Collins is a man of long and wide experience who has won trust and respect throughout his profession, and he has been my friend for several decades.

Phil Nichols is the son of a distinguished Massachusetts family who is held in the highest esteem as a lawyer and as a very able public servant.

I have the highest regard for him except for one thing. Some years ago he took away from me my first secretary by marrying her, and I have just had her on a part-time basis ever since.

The purpose of all we do in this Government is justice. The armies we raise, the fleets we sail, the vigil we keep abroad and at home--all this is done so that every man and woman can stand as equals before the bar of impartial justice. The independence of the judiciary is the cornerstone of our society, and that independence must never be compromised.

Our society is quite complex. The demands upon courts of law are many, and they are varied, but the courts that we create in specialized fields as much as other courts must serve the same end, and that is the good of all men.

We can be grateful in America for the character and quality and the integrity of the men who uphold the tradition of our courts as Federal judges.

I feel positive of one thing this afternoon: these two men that you have come here to honor and to see sworn in will serve with the highest honor to this tradition.

Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 5:56 p.m. in the State Dining Room at the White House at the swearing in of Philip Nichols, Jr., as Judge, U.S. Customs Court, and of Linton M. Collins as Judge, U.S. Court of Claims. Judge Collins and Judge Nichols responded briefly. The text of their remarks was also released.

During his remarks the President referred to Mrs. Dorothy Jackson Nichols, his secretary while in Congress, currently serving as secretary to Horace Busby, Jr., Special Assistant to the President.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Remarks at the Swearing In of Philip Nichols, Jr., and Linton M. Collins as Judges. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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