Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remarks to the Personnel at Camp Amirabad, Teheran, Iran.

December 02, 1943

Officers and men:If you had said to me, or I had said to you three years ago, that we would meet in Iran today, we would have probably said that we were completely crazy.

I got here four days ago to meet with the Marshal of Soviet Russia and the Prime Minister of England, to try to do two things. The first was to lay military plans for cooperation among the three Nations, looking toward the winning of the war just as fast as we possibly can. And I think we have made progress toward that end.

The other purpose was to talk over world conditions after the war—to try to plan for a world for us and for our children when war would cease to be a necessity. We have made great progress in that, also.

But, of course, the first thing is to win the war, and I want to tell you that you—all of you—individually and collectively, are a part of that purpose. All of you who are here today, and all of you who are farther south in Iran, can remember always that you have taken a very necessary and very useful part in winning the war.

When I woke up this morning in this camp and looked out, I said to myself, "I am back in Arizona or New Mexico." And then, suddenly, I realized how far away from home we are.

America is proud of you, proud of what you are doing in this distant place. I wish that great numbers of our people could see this work of getting the necessary equipment and supplies through to our ally, who has had very heavy losses, but who is licking the Nazi hordes.

And so I am on my way home. I wish I could take all of you with me. The people back home know what you are doing how well you are doing it. They, too, are proud of you. All I can say is, "May you get back home to our good America just as soon as you can. Good-by and good luck."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Remarks to the Personnel at Camp Amirabad, Teheran, Iran. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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