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Remarks to the People of Honduras

December 04, 1982

President Suazo has been gracious in inviting me to visit your country, and I'm anxiously looking forward to it. Early this summer, we were honored to have your President visit Washington, and I'm happy to have this early opportunity to continue our talks.

He told me then of the pride of the Honduran people in their democratic achievement, of their desire for peace with their neighbors, and of the measures you are taking to revive your economy. These are all goals we share with you. Both of our countries are concerned by the economic problems and the threat to peace the countries in Central America face.

Honduras has been a leader in Central America. You've put forward concrete proposals for a comprehensive peace throughout your region. Your transition to democracy answered those who argue that freedom is a luxury that struggling countries cannot afford. And you've proved that a freely elected government has the will and determination to take the actions needed to put your economy on a sound course.

The Honduran people have won the admiration of my fellow countrymen, and the peace proposals your President presented to the Organization of American States last March are ones which we in the United States support fully. They were incorporated in the Final Act of the eight democratic countries that met in San Jose in October. They are reasonable and attainable for all parties, and I hope they will lead to peace in Central America.

Honduras has also played a prominent role in the Central American Democratic Community, which is dedicated to freedom, economic development, and the security of each nation against aggression in any form by one neighbor. against another. These are goals which can be achieved, and it is with this hope that I will come to Honduras to meet with President Suazo.

We have common aspirations and values. I'm sure we will be able to strengthen the cooperation between our two nations and our people. I will bring with me the best wishes and friendship of the American people.

Thank you.

Note: The President's remarks were taped on November 22 at the White House for later broadcast on Honduran television.

Ronald Reagan, Remarks to the People of Honduras Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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