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Remarks at the Conclusion of Meetings With President-elect Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico in Coronado, California

October 08, 1982

The President. I was pleased to meet with President-elect de la Madrid today, continuing a long-standing tradition in which the President-elect of each of our respective nations meets with the incumbent President of the other. Our conversations encompassed a broad range of issues of importance to both our countries. The talks were carried out in a spirit of warmth and mutual respect, as befits close friends and neighbors.

Our meetings today establish the framework for a close and durable relationship, and I look forward to working with President-elect de la Madrid when he assumes office. And we've been delighted to have you here.

The President-elect. I deem that the informal meeting which I have just held with President Ronald Reagan has been most fruitful. I feel that this type of gathering is useful, for it establishes a framework of dignity and cordial friendship between the heads of state of two neighboring countries—a relationship of cordiality and of close dialog.

We have held a personal and friendly conversation, characterized by a free and spontaneous exchange of ideas without formalities or restrictions of any sort. Dialog and communication have been established between us. I have expressed to President Reagan my intent to give a positive accent to relations between Mexico and the United States. Our countries are linked not only geographically but by multiple relations and interests.

Both our countries can derive great benefit from this relationship if a mutual knowledge of our problems exists as well as the political will to solve them. Our friendship is based on respect and dignity. Good friends do not always think alike, but when understanding prevails, differences are overcome.

Mexico wishes that the United States will continue to be a prosperous neighbor with a free and democratic society. I am aware that the United States shares the same interest with regard to Mexico.

Finally, I would like to underscore my personal satisfaction at having held this interview in San Diego, California. This is a region of the United States which is particularly close to the history and the hearts of us Mexicans. This is a region of the United States where many Americans of Mexican descent have toiled to generate the prosperity of a great nation.

And, lastly, I wish to thank the media of both the United States and Mexico for the interest they have shown in this meeting between Mexico and the United States. I thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 3:15 p.m. in the Crown Room at the Hotel del Coronado. President-elect de la Madrid spoke in Spanish, and his remarks were translated by an interpreter.

Following his meetings with President-elect de la Madrid, the President went to Rancho del Cielo, his ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif., for the weekend.

Ronald Reagan, Remarks at the Conclusion of Meetings With President-elect Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico in Coronado, California Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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