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Remarks at the Collier County Fairgrounds in Naples, Florida

October 23, 2016

Thank you.

It's great to be back here in beautiful Naples.

In 16 days, we are going to win the great state of Florida and we are going to win the White House.

Early voting begins tomorrow, and you can already get your absentee ballot, so make sure to start voting.

Yesterday, I outlined my Contract with the American Voter – a detailed list of solutions to bring prosperity to our economy, safety to our communities, and honesty to our government.

One of the issues I addressed at length is the issue of government corruption. I put forward a plan to stop it; my opponent has no plan to end government corruption because she is the embodiment of government corruption. Even as she was preparing to run for President, WikiLeaks emails show, Hillary was trying to get $12 million from the King of Morocco in yet one more Pay-For-Play scheme.

My goal is to keep foreign money out of American politics. Hillary Clinton's goal is to put the Oval Office up for sale to whatever country offers the highest price.

So I have a message today to the voters of America. It's a message for Republicans, Democrats and Independents. It's a message for those living in rural America, urban America and suburban America – because we are all just One America.

It's a message for everyone who wants to take back our government from the special interests.

And my message is this: if we win on November 8th, we are going to fix our rigged system and we are going to Drain The Swamp Of Corruption In Washington, D.C.

That change includes a new foreign policy that puts America First.

Hillary Clinton's foreign policy has squandered trillions in American wealth overseas. Yet, for all the money spent, all Clinton delivered was death, destruction and terrorism. She unleashed ISIS and turmoil in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Next, trigger-happy Hillary wants to start a shooting war in Syria that could involve nuclear-armed Russia – she has bad judgment, bad instincts, and is just too reckless to be allowed into the Oval Office.

Hillary also started the negotiations that led to the Iran deal – and thus ultimately leading to the $1.7 billion ransom for American hostages.

Clinton gave Iran everything they wanted and more – including Iraq. Now, Iran is emboldened as never before.

In the latest insult to America, the government of Iran is demanding "many billions," in new ransom payments for an American businessman and his ailing father. Adding to the insult, Iran has released a video of their captive that includes footage from earlier this year of American soldiers being forced to their knees at gunpoint.

The humiliation for our country never seems to end – and it's the humiliation brought on by a Secretary of State who was more interested in getting paid by foreign countries, than in representing the country she lives in.

To cover-up her crimes as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton bleached and deleted 33,000 emails, lied to Congress under oath, made 13 phones disappear – some with a hammer – and then told the FBI she couldn't remember 39 times.

The best evidence that the system is rigged is that Hillary Clinton is even allowed to run for President in the first place.

The Clintons grew their gross income by $60 million while Hillary was Secretary of State. She's not a diplomat – she's a grifter, always looking for an easy way to sell government favors and access in exchange for cash.

The Clintons end up with the money, and America ends up with the humiliation.

When I am President, America will be respected in the world once again.

That also means standing up against the oppression of the Castro regime in Cuba, and standing in solidarity with freedom-loving people in Venezuela and across Latin America living under oppression. The Obama-Clinton Administration has abandoned our friends in Latin America, and delivered only poverty and joblessness for Hispanic-Americans here at home.

If you elect me, along with a Republican House and Senate, we will also immediately repeal the Obama-Clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. It's part of my 100-day plan.

This will be a national effort that will involve everywhere from Key West to Tampa to the Space Coast to Jacksonville to the Panhandle.

My proposal is based on three crucial words: Peace Through Strength.

This defense build-up will be supported by ships in Mayport, and by engineers and advanced manufacturing on the Space Coast. New aircraft will fly from MacDill Air Force Base and Naval Air Station Pensacola.

New Navy and Coast Guard ships will patrol the Florida coast to prevent drugs and terrorists from entering our shores.

With a Republican House and Senate, we will also immediately repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare. Even Bill Clinton admitted Obamacare is "the craziest thing in the world," where "people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half."

Replacing Obamacare is part of my 100-day contract with the American Voter.

A Republican House and Senate can swiftly enact the other items in my contract immediately, including massive tax reduction and tax simplification for the middle class. My plan to transform our tax, regulatory, energy and trade policies is the most pro-growth plan in American history. It includes lowering our business tax from 35 to 15 percent. My reform plan will lift millions out of poverty, raise wages dramatically, and create at least 25 million new jobs in 10 years – and we can enact the whole plan in our first 100 days.

A Trump Administration will also work alongside you to restore and protect the beautiful Florida Everglades. Our plan will also help you upgrade water and wastewater systems so that the Florida Aquifer is pure and safe from pollution.

We will also repair the Herbert Hoover Dike in Lake Okeechobee.

My contract includes something else at the very center of this campaign: fixing our trade deals and ending the offshoring of American jobs.

One more way our system is rigged against the American Worker is that companies, like Carrier, simply fire their workers and move their operations to Mexico and other countries.

When I'm President, if companies want to fire their workers and leave for other countries, then we will charge them a 35% tax when they want to ship their products back into the United States.

We have a nearly $800 billion-dollar annual trade deficit in goods with the world. 1 in 5 American households don't have a single person in that household with a job.

Florida has lost 1 in 4 of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA, a deal signed by Bill Clinton and supported by Hillary Clinton.

We've lost 70,000 factories since China's entry into the World Trade Organization – another Bill and Hillary-backed deal.

We are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world.

A Trump Administration will stop the jobs from leaving our country.

We will start making things in America.

We will be a rich nation once again.

But to be a rich country, we must also be a safe country.

Immigration security is national security.

Hillary's pledge for "open borders" includes an open border with the Middle East – meaning generations of radicalism and terrorism spreading and growing within your communities and near your families.

A new WikiLeaks email shows John Podesta secretly worried about the fact that Hillary Clinton never put procedures in place to keep the San Bernardino shooter out of America – including a plan to review social media postings. We're letting in Radical Islamic Terrorists right through the front door, and stamping their visas "approved" on the way in.

So let me state this as clearly as I can.

If I'm elected President I am going to keep Radical Islamic Terrorists out of our country.

We will also stop the crisis of illegal immigration.

A Trump Administration will secure and defend our borders. And yes, we will build a wall.

We have the first-ever endorsement from our ICE and Border Patrol officers.

All across our nation, innocent Americans have been killed by illegal immigrant criminals who should never have been in our country.

Kate Steinle was gunned down in her father's arms in broad daylight on a San Francisco pier. Her killer had been deported 5 times before.

90 year-old Earl Olander was brutally beaten to death in his home by illegal immigrants with criminal records and left on the floor of his home to die.

Laura Wilkerson's teenage son, Josh, was tortured and beaten to do by an illegal immigrant he offered to give a ride home. His body was viciously burned.

The examples go on and on and on.

Under a Trump Administration, this crime wave will come crashing to an end.

That includes the proposal, in my contract, for tough mandatory minimum prison sentences for illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after a previous deportation.

With a victory in November, everything will change.

Here are some of the amazing things we are going to do for our country starting in 2017:

the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan; eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation; defend religious liberty; provide school choice to every disadvantaged child in America, and we are going to end Common Core; support the men and women of law enforcement; save the 2nd amendment; and appoint Justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

You have 16 days to make this all happen – but you have to get out and vote, and that includes helping me elect a Republican Congress to enact my 100-day America-First action plan.

Our failed establishment will be replaced with a new government guided by the principles I outlined in my contract with the American Voter.

It will be a government of, by and for the people.

For those who feel like they don't have a voice, I have a simple reply: I Am Your Voice.

I'm going to fight for every American in every last part of this nation.

I'm going to fight for every person in this country who believes government should serve the people – not the donors and special interests.

And I am going to fight to bring us all together as Americans.

Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as One People, under One God, saluting One American Flag.

You're going to look back at this rally for the rest of your life.

This is a movement like the world has never seen before.

You're going to look back at this election, and say this is by far the most

important vote you've ever cast for anyone at any time.

We Will Make America Wealthy Again.

We Will Make America Strong Again.

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And We Will Make America Great Again.

NOTE: As prepared for delivery.

Donald J. Trump, Remarks at the Collier County Fairgrounds in Naples, Florida Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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