Photo of Donald Trump

Remarks to the City of New York Police Benevolent Association ("COPS for Trump") in Bedminster, New Jersey

August 14, 2020

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

[Music: Lee Greenwood, "God Bless the U.S.A."]

The President. Thank you very much. What a nice group of people. They're not treating you right, but we're gonna treat you right. They're not. They're not treating you right, but we're gonna change that around, quickly.

Pat [Lynch], I've been a fan of yours for a long time. I've known you for a long time. You do one hell of a job, and you're pretty popular with these people I see. [cheers and applause] Thank you, Pat.

Well, maybe I'll say a few words. It's appropriate in light of everything that's going on. When you look at all of the statistics, all of the numbers, New York's finest, I love, and you're the finest, they just don't let you do the job. [cheers and applause] They won't let you do your job, that's all it is.

So it's my great honor to proudly accept something that Pat's gonna give me in a little while, so I'll hold off on the word "endorsement," but he's gonna give me an endorsement, I understand. [cheers and applause] And I have deeply and profoundly admired the brave men and women, as you know, of New York City's finest, and, uh, I've admired you my whole life. My whole life I've watched you do a job like nobody else. Nobody else has done it. And truly, you're the best of the best and I'm grateful. And I'm very happy that you're here, and we'll have a little fun for a little while, but first we're gonna talk a little business. We have to talk business because we have to straighten out our city. Our city's a mess. [cheers and applause]

Every day, the courageous offices of NYPD put your lives on the line to protect the innocent and to put violent criminals behind bars. You protect people you've never met before. You know, I've heard that expression a long time ago, and it always means something to me. You're protecting people with your lives, people that you've never met before, and you've done an incredible job.

And the world will never forget the New York police officers who ran into the smoke and flames of 9/11, I was there, many never to return. We salute the heroes of NYPD and we salute our law enforcement heroes all across the nation. I was responsible, along with a couple of people that were right in this audience, for getting you some very good and large payments so that we can take care of some of the people that were hurt so badly. Long-term hurt they call it, right? Long-term hurt, but we got it done and we got it signed. We got it signed and we're taking care of a lot of people. [cheers and applause]

And we wanna thank our great firefighters also, right alongside of you, right? Our great firefighters.

As we gather today, our country is suffering from a radical far-left movement. It's not even to be believed when you see this, what they're thinking. Where did these people come from? Where do they come from? That is trying to defame, demoralize, defund, dismantle, and dissolve our great police departments. It's a left-wing war on cops.

If Sleepy Joe Biden were to become president—[booing]—he would immediately pass legislation to gut every single police department in America. You know that. And probably, she's a step worse. She's a step worse, Kamala. [booing] I was sort of hoping he was going to pick Pocahontas, but—[laughter] She of Indian heritage. Remember I said, "I have more Indian than her, I have more Indian than she does?" And I went into it. I went into it at great length and I turned out to be right. I have none and I had more than she had. She's another beauty. [cheers and applause]

Portland and Chicago are the left's roadmap to America, and sadly, what's happened over the last year in New York City. And it's an incredible thing to look at, an incredible, incredible thing. And I just saw somebody here named Rudy Giuliani. Do you know Rudy Giuliani? [cheers and applause] Where's Rudy? Is he around here? Get up here, Rudy. Get up. What are you doing down there, Mr. Mayor? This the greatest mayor, this is the greatest mayor our city has ever had. Rudy, come on up here. Come on up. [cheers and applause] What a great—And he's a, he's a man who is loyal and dedicated and tough. He got on television to defend me. He said things that even I wouldn't say. He was brutal. [laughter] He is incredible. He knew. He got it.

Joe Biden's national police strategy will be modeled on the Bill DeBlasio catastrophe. It's a catastrophe. [booing] No one will be safe in Biden's America. No city, no town, no suburb will be spared. And you see how I did something to help the suburbs of our country last week? A lot of people don't wanna even talk about it, but we did something that nobody else would have done. They're ruining your suburbs. They wanna ruin it. They wanna destroy their housing values and your safety. But we ended it. We ended the program entirely. Somebody said, "Let's amend it." I said, "No, let's end it." [cheers and applause]

The Biden-Harris agenda, and I guess Harris could be bigger than you think in terms of the importances of vice president. They said there's never been a more important pick, but in the end it's not gonna matter because we're going to win. [cheers and applause] You know, honestly, we don't have a choice. We have to win. This country will go to hell. The stock markets will crash. Your 401(k)s are gonna be worthless. You'll see. You'll see what would happen, crime all over the place

I mean, you take a look at Portland. You take a look at Chicago, and I can name plenty of other cities, but I don't want to embarrass anybody. My agenda is anti-crime and pro-cop all the way and that's what it's gotta be. [cheers and applause]

So in recent months, New York City has witnessed the horrors that result from putting extreme left politicians into power. DeBlasio has launched a crusude [sic] against, and he really has, he has launched a real crusade against the police like I don't think anybody's ever really seen, but there are cases that are just as bad. There are some cases, radical left, that maybe even are worse.

The mobs have scrawled disgusting slogans such as "Cops must die." Think of this, "Cops must die" and "Kill all cops." Okay? Who would even have thought 10 years ago that was possible? On the side of buildings, they put those terms. And they vandalized St. Patrick's Cathedral, the beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral, with horrible, horrible statements, horrible phrases. And then of course that disgusting chant, "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon," right? Remember that?

And now, all of a sudden, it becomes mainstream. It becomes, "Oh, isn't this wonderful?" They were talking about you. You know that, right? We just can't forget it because we have to bring law and order back to our cities, back to our country, and we're doing it. Wherever we go, we do it. But when you have the radical left running it, no good.

Rioters have rampaged through Manhattan and looted Fifth Avenue and an NYPD sergeant was left, as you know very well, in critical condition after being run down with a car. A Molotov cocktail was thrown into a police vehicle in Brooklyn. And NYPD's highest-ranking uniform chief and other officers were beaten in broad daylight on the Brooklyn Bridge. And they're not allowed to fight back. You're not allowed to fight back. You fight back, you lose your pension, you lose your life. They put you in jail if you fight back.

Crowd Member. Isn't worth it!!

The President. No, you gotta be able to fight back. I mean, to me, one of the saddest, and I don't wanna embarrass anybody, but one of the saddest things, Rudy, that I've ever seen, Pat, was when they were dumping water on the heads of two of your fellow officers. And I wish they fought back. I promise nothing would have happened to them. Because who even knew that was water? It could have been plenty of other things. Probably was, actually. But it could have been some very dangerous material, not water. And they didn't fight back. The first time I've ever seen that. I wish they did. I wish they did. I wish I could have talked to them. I said, "Fight back. I swear you'll be protected." [cheers and applause]

This is the left's vision for the future of the United States of America. If they win this election, November 3rd, gotta get out, gotta get everybody you know. You know, the Democrats have an advantage because they have certain people that automatically vote. And we're going for New York. We're going for New York. [cheers and applause] Because we did well last time. You know, New York is not supposed to be Republican territory. It was Ronald Reagan. But a lot of the people left. A lot of the people that voted for Ronald Reagan left. That was the last time. And they voted for Ronald Reagan, but they left. They went on to other places. They got tired of being abused and high taxes and all of the other problems.

And we're gonna go and run and we're gonna run on law and order, and we're gonna run our lower taxes, and we're gonna run on doing something with SALT. You know what SALT is? Remember Schumer? Schumer said, "I try and bring home things to my people in New York." You know what he brought home? SALT. [laughter] For those of you that don't know, look it up. It's not good. [laughter]

But if they win this election, every city in America will be under siege. You know that. Because the police are good in Seattle and they're good in all of these different places I talked about. They're not being let do their job. Can't do their job.

Their pro-crime agenda, the Biden-Harris group will also crush our economy because there is no prosperity in cities that are ruled by fear. And I even think the politicians are afraid. If you look at Portland, the mayor is trying to say, "Oh, these are my friends." And then he goes in there, they wanna beat the hell out of him. [laughter] And then the fake news doesn't report that. They'll show him standing there with the sound down so you don't hear what they're saying to the mayor. Fortunately, he had five body guards when he went in, right? But it was very dangerous for him. And I don't know if he's doing this out of stupidity or out of fear. Because I think they're afraid actually.

My adminis-... Yeah. [laughter] It sounds like one my friends. My administration has made clear that the Department of Justice will partner arm-in-arm with our police heroes. And we're with you all the way and we'll prosecute all federal violations to the fullest extent of the law. But you know, we have to be invited in, unless we do something very drastic, which is a big statement, but we have to be invited in. But you don't need help. You guys don't need help. You have the greatest police force in the world. You have the greatest in the world. [cheers and applause] All they have to do is tell your top people to do your job and you're gonna do it properly. You're not gonna do something in excess to what you need, but they wanna tell you to do your job and you're not gonna have any crime in New York. It's gonna go down like it did with Rudy Giuliani. It's gonna go down so fast. That happened quickly, Rudy. That didn't take too long.

Rudy Giuliani. Not at all.

The President. That didn't take too long. You know, he looks good enough. Let's draft Rudy. [laughter] You better be careful, he'd win it. He'd win very easily. Because people want that back. They want it back. That's why I think, I really am, I'm putting it into play. Most people would say, "Oh, you know, spend your time in other places," but I'm gonna put it—We did very well. We did incredibly upstate, Long Island, all of the various—Staten Island was great, right? Staten Island was great. [cheers and applause] By the way, Joe Rose is a disaster. I will tell you that. I hope they get him out of there. He's a, he's a total lightweight in many ways. [laughter] But, hopefully get—Joe Rose, get him out.

Crowd Member. Get him out.

The President. Turns out he's another beauty. My administration will also increase funding for police so that we can hire more police officers nationwide. We're increasing funding very substantially. And in many cases, they don't want it. They want to put into a different group. I said, "What's that group all about?" And it's called socialism, and it doesn't work. Never will work.

Crowd Member. Boo.

The President. By contrast, New York City voted to defund the police by one billion dollars, if you can believe it, even after experiencing the bloodiest June in nearly 25 years. It's dismantled an elite team of crime fighters, that crime-fighting unit that your friends, you know, they were incredible people. They were making us all safe. Nationwide, they were making us safe and we gotta get them back. We gotta bring them back. Hopefully, they don't get a job for too much money. Tell them not to look too hard because we're gonna bring them back. We'll get them back. They're the best. Rudy started that. They're the best. Joe Biden and Kamala, they always say Kamala—[laughter]—Kamala, Harris have a plan to spread this mayhem to every community in America.

Now, in all fairness to Joe, he doesn't really know what's happening. [laughter] They say, "Joe, we're gonna spread it around." "Oh, okay. Okay." This guy doesn't answer any questions. He gets up today. He made a statement. I just did an incredible deal with UAE. You saw that, right? Everyone's shocked. Even the New York Times said it was an incredible deal. Can you believe? The New York Times? I can't even believe it. Thomas Friedman, they wrote an incredible editorial. It was a great deal. So we did this deal. Nobody else did it. In fact, we were at a huge deficit because of the horrible deal that Obama made with Iran. Gave them 150 billion dollars, billion, not million. 150 million's a lot. That would be too much also. 150 billion, then gave them 1.8 billion in cash. I broke the deal. I terminated the deal, but we made a deal, UAE and Israel. And Sleepy Joe got up and said he made the deal. I said, "Whoa." [laughter] No, he actually—Did anybody hear that? He actually took credit for making that deal.

Crowd Member. Debate him.

The President. For a change, I'm being praised all over the world for making that deal, and that's just the beginning. But he actually took—I think they just said, "Say this, Joe. Say that you made it." It's like it was Obama's economy right? Before the plague, before the plague we had the greatest economy in history. Greatest economy anywhere in the world, let alone ours. And now we're building it back up very rapidly. You see the numbers. [cheers and applause] But they were taking credit. They said, "Oh, this was Obama. Obama." He said manufacturing would never come back. That was Obama. Manufacturing has come back big. In fact, even two days ago, they announced incredible numbers. When asked recently if he favors cutting police budget, Biden replied, "Yes, absolutely." But I'm not sure honestly he knew what he was replying to so we're not—[laughter] "Yes, absolutely. Oh, what did I say? What was I referring to?" You could use that clip for a million different things, right? "Yes, absolutely." You never say that as a politician. You always finish out.

Biden has been described by police as, and he described the police, you saw that, as the enemy. He said it's the enemy. Kamala Harris applauded LA's recent decision to slash its police budget, and LA really went to town on it, you saw that. Millions and millions of dollars off their budget. After the riots in Minneapolis, Kamala encouraged Americans to donate money to the so-called Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed out rapists, assaulters, and murderers. They bailed them right out of jail. Biden's staff donated to the same fund. This is—Look, we gotta—We can't lose this election. Okay? [shouting] We can't lose.

Crowd Member. Not gonna happen.

The President. We're building a big wall. We're building the wall. It's up to almost—Look at her. She's all excited about that. That's ...

Crowd. [chanting] Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

The President. Yeah, we're building it. It's up to 280 miles. Will be up—That'll be completed—

Crowd Member. [crosstalk]—miles

The President. You're right. [laughter] I like her. [laughter] No, you're right. And you know who liked the wall? The Southern border, you know who like it the most? Hispanics, because they know the area. They know what comes in and they wanna be safe. They wanna keep their good jobs. They wanna keep their beautiful houses. They've done well, but they know the area the best. We're doing great with the Hispanics. As San Francisco district attorney, she chose not to seek the death penalty against a gang member who killed a San Francisco police officer going against the wishes of the officer's wife, going against the wishes of the police. In his unity manifesto written with socialist Bernie Sanders, he's another beauty, Bernie. [laughter] Crazy Bernie. We've got names for all of them, no? [laughter] What's better? Sleepy Joe or Slow Joe? Tell me. [shouting] What is better? [shouting] I go back and forth. [shouting] I go back and—[shouting] Okay, let's do it. Who likes Slow Joe? [cheers and applause] Who likes Sleepy Joe? [cheers and applause]

That's what I thought. [laughter] I got all these guys telling me, "Oh, you ought to do—We don't like "sleepy" because it's rude." They said it's rude. I said, "You know, we're talking about the president of the United States." I can tell you one thing. Putin and Kim Jong-Un and President Xi of China, they're not sleepy. We're don't have to say—We're never gonna say sleepy or slow, and we can't have slow, sleepy people dealing with them either because we were doing very well against all of them. All of them. [cheers and applause] And we're have a good relationship now. Remember North Korea? We were gonna go to war with North Korea. Obama would have been in a war. Millions of people could have been killed in that war. Where's the war? Everybody said, "Trump will be in war in the first week." Where's the war? In fact, we're bringing people out of the endless wars. You know, the wars that—Where their doing your job. They're policemen and that's great, but they wanna fight. They wanna win. We didn't let people win. Bring them back. We shouldn't have been there in the first place. So we bring them back, and what we're doing is bringing them back with great dignity.

It's incredible what's happened. We've totally rebuilt our armed forces, 2.5 trillion dollars. We've given you—[cheers and applause]—hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of equipment. Pat, you know that. Hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of equipment came out of—It was collecting dust, right? It was army surplus stuff and all the different—It was beautiful stuff and Obama didn't want you to have it. They said it made you look too strong, too tough. You look too military. So they said, "Let them get shot." Much—You know, much of it was protective equipment. You know that. All of the protective—I released it all. I gave it to all the police departments all across the country and I have had more thank yous for that. And someday, they're gonna have to explain why they didn't wanna do it. And this was sitting there. It was not gonna be used. A lot of it was new, but it wasn't gonna be used. And I said, "Give it to our great police all over the country." And we did and it's been great.

And just to finish up—[cheers and applause]—I call it—I call it the manifesto because Bernie Sanders, you know, he was gonna make an agreement and they were gonna go a little bit further right. They didn't. They went further left than Bernie was. So in the manifesto, Biden pledges to abolish cash bail. How about that? No cash bail. No bail, meaning that violent and dangerous criminals would simply be released after arrest. New York tried this insane policy and crime surged nearly 25% in New York City and now it's up much, much higher than that. This is an old statistic. It's up much higher than that. So nationwide, the Biden plan to abolish bail would release over 400,000 criminals on our streets.

So all I'm saying is this. We have the greatest police departments. Go outside of—We have great police. We have great forces. They have to be allowed to do their job. And you're gonna have—[cheers and applause] And I've seen Pat and I've seen you. You're gonna have a bad apple. You're gonna have somebody who makes a horrible mistake. You're gonna have somebody has a bad moment, but it may be just a bad apple. We've seen it. But that doesn't mean we're gonna close up our police departments, and like in Minneapolis, tell them to run. Leave, leave. Did you ever see anything like that? Where they left? Where they left? We can't ever let that happen. We sent in the National Guard five or six days later. We waited, we waited, we waited. Within one hour, the whole thing was—You never heard of anything. On these monuments and statues, you saw that? They were trying to rip them down. They ripped some down. I immediately signed an order that if you get caught ripping down a monument or a statue, you get 10 years in jail. Ten years. [cheers and applause]

And I don't know about you, I haven't seen too many statues being ripped down lately. They were gonna have a march on Washington, Washington. They wanted to rip down statues. I said, "So wait a minute. You're gonna rip down statues, you're gonna go to jail for 10 years." I signed it publicly. Very public. You got to let them know or otherwise, it's not fair. You know, they get 10 years, they didn't know about it, right? Wise guys. [laughter] So we let them know you get 10 years in jail. And this is not—You know, I took an old law because they don't do those laws today. Today, get that through the House. Tell Nancy Pelosi we're gonna give somebody 10 years. [booing] She's terrible. Look at what's happened to San Francisco. Look at the tents. Look at the homeless. That's Nancy. She ought to go home and clean up her own city, but take a look.

But it's 10 years in jail. They were gonna have a big march on Washington. They were gonna come down and knock down, they had them earmarked. And as soon as they announced that, nobody showed up. It was amazing. Big march, nobody showed up. They said, "No, we're gonna do it the following ..." That was a Thursday night. "We're gonna do it the next night, Friday." Nobody showed up except four people. They all got arrested because they were the four people that the media had on top of the statue of Andrew Jackson doing damage. Almost got it down. And I'll say something. The Washington, the D.C. police were great because they had the ropes. You saw the ropes. They were ready to pull it down. They were all set and our guys said, "Stop it." And those guys ran in and that thing was over. Those Washington, those D.C. police did a job. That wasn't like you know. They did a job. [cheers and applause]

So we're gonna give you back your stature. We're gonna give you back your status. I hate to say it, but it's been taken away. We're gonna give you back the right to be New York's finest, the finest of all time, the greatest of all time, and we're gonna win on November 3rd. And the people, people that didn't love Trump, never-Trumpers, I mean, a lot of them are saying, "You know, I'm starting to like Trump a lot," because they see what's happening. [cheers and applause] And we're gonna give New York a real shot and I think we have one hell of a shot at doing it. I just said this morning, the New York Post, which has been great. The New York Post had a cover story about that. They came and interviewed me at the Oval Office and they talked about law and order in the city. And I said, "You know, I did very well, Republican-wise. I did very well." We did great, and I really believe that that solid core of people has to be real. I mean, first of all, they're leaving. A lot of them are leaving, but they have to be disgusted with what's going on. So I said then and there, and I'm saying—I said it today. I put it out today strongly, we're gonna go and give New York a real shot. I think we have a real chance of winning New York, but we're going to give you so much of what you're looking for. Because I know exactly, it's so easy, you need leadership, you need money, you can't defund. It has to go the other way. You need equipment. [cheers and applause]

But what do you need more than anything else is your dignity and respect. You need respect, you need your dignity back, and this guy has taken your dignity away and your respect away. And I am telling you on November 3rd you're gonna be getting it back like you haven't gotten it back before. Because this is really a referendum. So I wanna thank you very much. And Pat, thank you very much. Fellas thank you. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

Patrick Lynch. USA! USA! USA! Mr. President, today it's an honor for me to stand at this podium and be the voice for 24,000 New York City police officers, proud police officers that are here today chanting "USA," chanting "Trump for president," and they mean it each and every time they say it. [cheers and applause] Mr. President, it's obvious where you hold the NYPD in your heart. We heard the news this morning that you got some family news that your brother had fallen ill. And naturally we thought "Well, we may have to postpone this. The president may not be able to come." And then our phones rang and we were told that the president will visit his brother and then he will visit with you. That's where he puts you. New York City police officers and family. That's the type of president we have. [cheers and applause]

Mr. President, Mr. President, what we all have in common here today is that we all have a police officer's shield in our hip pocket. We all have friends and family that are here to support you. And more importantly, in this crowd is our family members too. The ones that worry what happens when their loved one takes that last step off the stoop and goes to work and they know they may not come back. And we know you understand that, Mr. President, because you're constantly, always loud about the support for New York City police officers. Mr. President, this city you helped build, the borough where your father started in South Jamaica is sliding back. The borough in which you build so many skyscrapers was just recently looted. Our city is sliding back because the mantra, the false narrative that not only City Hall, the second floor in the State House, and those that want to become president are passing this false narrative that New York city police officers and law enforcement are evil.

How absurd is that? That they blame us for society's ills? Well, let me tell you this, Mr. President I know you know that. The most compassionate people on the face of the Earth are New York City police officers. [cheers and applause] Mr. President, if you look at the crime numbers in New York City we're sliding back where we're at shootings. We're at shooting levels back to 1993. That's because of that narrative against the police officers, that's where they're handcuffing our members. That's where they're saying if you take a bad guy off the street that you will go to jail. Now that's the upside-down world. So what we can't do is let that attitude spread beyond the city, beyond the State House, and go to the White House, Mr. President.

So we here today for a reason, a reason that you understand, to support not only New York City police officers, but law enforcement across this country. And this is not new for you, Mr. President, you do it always. See, the sign of a leader is someone that'll stand at a podium like this and speak the truth and will say what needs to be said and not be afraid to do it.

Well, we are seeing leaders in our state that are following the crowd, Mr. Mayor. Mr. President, what they're doing is not only following marchers, they're following riders. They're trying to catch up and do whatever they can to make sure they're happy. I often times wake up and say, "Who are they listening to?" They're not listening to the folks in the neighborhoods that we patrol. They're not listening to the folks that say, "We want police on our streets and we want to respect them." So today, Mr. President, there's two things that we'd like to do. We'd like to present you with a statue that means so much to New York City police officers. This statue we do not hand out lightly. This statue is very special to New York City police officers for what it represents. This is a police officer standing tall and proud with his hand on the shoulder of a child. Now that child represents not only a little boy, not only a little girl, but a crime victim, someone that needs our help, some, someone that was victimized. That's what police officers do every day in this country and this city and this state. They stop, they put their hands, they give their comforting words, the compassionate words that helps everyone. Mr. President, we know that you hold police officers in high esteem. So there's not many of these that are given out, but we're giving it to you today, Mr. President. We hope, we hope that you can put this in a prominent spot, and that people that can see it and realize that those that are in the mob that are tearing down what we do, our profession has a supporter in the Oval Office that understands what this stands for. Mr. President, it's my honor. [cheers and applause]

The President. How does the Oval Office for that sound? Okay? Good? [cheers and applause]

Lynch. Mr. President, I said we have two things to present to you and we presented this special statue. But we also have some practical work to do because there's election that we're in the midst of. So I'm here to say this. Number one, I have 36 years on this job, 21 as the president of this fine organization. I cannot remember when we've ever endorsed for the office of President of the United States until now. That's how important this is. [cheers and applause] Mr. President, Mr. President, we're fighting for our lives out there. We don't want this to spread to the rest of the country. We need your strong voice across the country to say we have the support of law enforcement across this country. Now, many times people say that a union like ours, law enforcement groups give endorsements, not in the New York City PBA, sir. In the New York City PBA, Mr. President, you earn the endorsement and you've earned this endorsement. I'm proud to give it. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. Well, I just wanna thank you, that was incredible. I didn't even know that the—. I assumed it was, like, given out, when it's—Because I see a lot of things given out and they shouldn't be given out. [laughter] But a special man, you are just really special people. You really are. You're very brave people. I will say this, you know, you read a lot of negatives. They have a lot of fake media, fake news, false news, call it whatever you want, corrupt news. But you have no idea how much the people of this country love our police departments, our police, our law enforcement, our border patrols, our ICE people. ICE, they go into the toughest situations. They take out MS-13 by the thousands and then they get abused. But they're not really abused, they're loved by the people of this country. And New York's great police force is something that, you know, I grew up with.

I used to go with my father in Brooklyn to a little, I shouldn't tell you this, a little hamburger place for lunch. [laughter] And we'd see these big cops come in and they were great. And everybody stood at attention when they walked in and we're gonna get that back. You're respected just the same, but they don't allow it to happen. We're gonna allow it to happen. You are great, great people. And remember this, you are loved by our country, loved by our country, and respected by our country. [cheers and applause]

And all we have to do is let you do your job, right? Just let you do your job. Pat, I think it might be appropriate. So we really do, we have New York city's greatest mayor of all time, of all time. He took over a city that, I don't know, was worse. Maybe better. I don't know what—I'm gonna ask Rudy. What's the difference between that city and the city of today? Certainly it caught up very quickly. For a long while it was a lot better, but when Rudy ran it, it was incredible. The crime statistics, the murder. I hate to use that word, murder. I don't know if this place has ever heard that word, murder. It's not into the word of murder.

But when you look at the stats, I looked at them the other day, it was incredible what he was able to do in a short period of time with only New York's finest. Without New York's finest he couldn't have done it. He let them do the job and he had three very great commissioners. He keeps telling me, three great commissioners. I always say, "Who is the best?" He doesn't wanna tell me maybe he'll tell you. But I've asked him many times, "Who is the best Rudy, I want to know. Who? Who is the best?" He'll never tell me, but there's always the best, right? There's always somebody. But I just wanna thank you. I wanna thank Pat. I'd love to ask Rudy to say a few words, and we love you all. Thank you very much. [cheers and applause]

Giuliani. Thank you very much, Mr. President. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Crowd. [chanting] Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Giuliani. Thank you. So, I know you since I was a little boy. My Uncle Willie, my Uncle Bob, my Uncle Vincent, my Uncle Anthony were all New York City police officers. One was a detective. One was a sergeant. Then I had a fifth uncle, who was a firefighter, but I'm not gonna mention that right now. [laughter] I grew up with you and then I got to work with you as a prosecutor, and I get credit for bringing down crime more than any other mayor ever, anywhere, but you did it. I didn't do it. I know you did it. That's why every time you were hurt, every time you were injured, I'd be the first one to show up at the hospital. Not because I'm a great guy, because it's my duty to be there, because you got it done.

And I hear people say, "Oh, we don't need police officers to reduce crime." Out of their f-ing minds. [laughter] Out of their minds. I went and acquired more police. We took over the housing police. We took over the transit police. We made them all one, because I needed to reassign them to the right places. We took police officers out of white neighborhoods that voted for me, who were really angry at me for doing it, and we put it into Black neighborhoods where Al Sharpton would complain about us. But the people loved it and would ask me for more. People in Harlem asked me for more. Bedford-Stuyvesant, Fort Greene, all the places you know so well. You go to the people and the president is right and Pat is right. They want you. They respect you.

I have people of all races, Black, white, Hispanic, come up to me now in the streets, and tell me, "Please, please tell someone we need more police. We love the police. Let them know it. Don't, don't listen to these people on television. We love them." Particularly, come from the Black community, particularly. So, they know who you are. It's just a bunch of—They've become really radicals who wanna overthrow our way of life. That's what they're about. And you're part of it. You're in the way. You're in the way of them being able to create a socialist government, to create a government where—Well, it's gonna be created because they get people to hate America. That's why they burn statues. That's why they burn flags. That's why they kneel during the national anthem. That's why they, they say—

Crowd Member. We don't kneel.

Giuliani. Of course we don't kneel. What do we do during the national anthem? We stand up, right? And what do we do? [cheers and applause] That's what we teach our children.

It's all being done for a purpose though. It's being done for a purpose. They want us to believe that our country was founded by an evil man, that our first president was an evil man. That the author of our liberty was an evil man, that the emancipator was an evil man, that the general who won the Civil War was an evil man, because they wanna convince enough people we're a hateful country. And they teach that in our schools now. A thousand schools have a curriculum which says that America has never been able to overcome the horrible sin of slavery and that all Americans are responsible for it. Can you believe that? We're teaching that to our children. They're being force-fed that in school, and then they get it from the media. So it has to be you, the best representatives of the Constitution, the law, fairness, decency, protection of people, have always been police offices because you do something that all the people who criticize you don't do. You put your lives on the line every day to protect me and my family. I don't do that and that's why I honor you. [cheers and applause]

You made the right choice in this president. I was with him when he ran in 2016. I was with him for four straight months. He would campaign until 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock. All the kids would be asleep on the plane. He would be awake. No matter how late it was, when we'd get to the airport, everybody was exhausted. There'd be about 30 cops that were there. Maybe the guys on the motorcycles, or couple of guys guarding the plane. Everybody wanted to rush on the plane and every other candidate I ever saw rushed on the plane. He never once rushed on the plane. No matter how far he had to walk, he went up to the uniform, and he shook hands with every single one of them. He did it because it's for real. He's not a politician. He's actually a real person. [cheers and applause] And that's why, that's why, that's why he's accomplished in three and a half years, more than any other president, I interviewed an African American gentleman the other day. I have a tape. He said that this is the best president for the African American community since Abraham Lincoln, nobody even close. [cheers and applause] And he's the best president for police officers.

Crowd. [chanting] Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

Giuliani. And he just accomplished what nobody else was able to accomplish in the Middle East. Nobody has been able to bring a Gulf Arab state to say they're gonna recognize the state of Israel. No one has done that. Obama made it almost impossible to do it because he had an animosity toward Israel that was sick. He's turned that all around. He's turned around the reputation of our country in the world. He made it the greatest economy we've ever had. We got a terrible setback because of China—[laughter]—that owns Joe Biden. And I have, I can prove that to you, but that's another story. They own him. They own his son. They own his family. He doesn't even have the room to negotiate with China. You, you're cops. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Crowd Member. Show us the buck!

Giuliani. Yeah.

Like, all that money for the kid, was for the kid? China's gonna give away 1.5 billion dollars to that kid who can't hold a job? I'm not gonna say why. Some of you are probably detectives. You figure out, why did they give 1.5 billion dollars to the Biden family when Joe Biden was negotiating for us, US? Oh, by the way, he lost in every negotiation, but the family made 1.5 billion. I gotta say any more? You got it. I feel sorry for Joe. I feel sorry that he has senility. I feel sorry for the country that he picked that horrible prosecutor. That woman is a bully. She's a bully. Here's what I mean by that. I know prosecutors like you know cops. She prosecuted little people and she wouldn't prosecute big people.

All the politicians in San Francisco, all Willie Brown's friends, they went free, but she went after 1,500 marijuana smokers. Marijuana smokers, not people selling it, smokers. And then when she was asked if she smoked marijuana, she said, "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, yeah." Tell me this isn't a horrible person. You put people in jail for something that you laugh about, but you put them in prison and take their liberty away because she wanted statistics, because she's a bully. She can't be that close to the—Oh my God. So, thank you. I know what you guys can do, and women. I know what you can do on the streets to protect us. I know what you can do politically too. So let's get them elected. We need him right now more than he needs us. Thank you. [cheers and applause]

The President. So again, it's an honor that you came. I just wanna pay my respects to a really good guy that I love. It's my brother, he's very ill and he would not have—I mean, he just said, "Don't even think about it." I really appreciate what he said. He's, he's having a very tough time, but I really appreciate being with you today. He respected you as much as I do. He respected you like everybody. We all respect you and we're gonna let you do your job. We're gonna let you do your job. That's all we have to do. Again, thank you very much. It's such an honor to be with you, to get the endorsement pat of this group of incredible men and women is mind-blowing. Really it is. Mind-blowing, and just, I'm gonna leave you with this very simple phrase. I will never, ever let you down. I will never let you down. Okay? Thank you. Thank you very much.

NOTE: The President spoke to a rally where he received the endorsement of the New York City Police Benevolent Association at Trump National Golf Club. Also speaking were Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York and the President's private attorney and Patrick Lynch, President of the New York City Police Benevolent Association. The President spoke for about 30 minutes.

This transcript prepared for the American Presidency Project by UCSB student research assistant Katya Kiseleva.

Donald J. Trump, Remarks to the City of New York Police Benevolent Association ("COPS for Trump") in Bedminster, New Jersey Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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