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Remarks at the Annual Academy Awards Presentation Ceremonies

March 31, 1981

Good evening to my fellow Americans, eagerly awaiting the presentation of the 53d annual Academy Awards.

It's surely no state secret that Nancy and I share your interest in the results of this year's balloting. We're not alone; the miracle of American technology links us with millions of moviegoers around the world. It is the motion picture that shows us all not only how we look and sound but—more important-how we feel. When it achieves its most noble intent, film reveals that people everywhere share common dreams and emotions.

Tonight I applaud all who create, make, distribute, exhibit, and attend movies. I salute the Academy for the influence its work has on the world's most enduring art form. Film is forever—I've been trapped in some film forever myself. And as a former member of the Academy, I ask you now to join Nancy and me in enjoying this year's ceremonies.

Note: The President's remarks were videotaped in the Library at the White House on March 5 for broadcast at the televised ceremonies on March 31.

Ronald Reagan, Remarks at the Annual Academy Awards Presentation Ceremonies Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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