Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remarks at Sidney, Nebraska.

August 31, 1936

As you know, I am here on a sad mission- on my way to attend the funeral of a very distinguished American, the Secretary of War, George Dern. As you will all remember, Secretary Dern was a native of the State of Nebraska. Because of this mission I cannot, with propriety, make a long speech to you. I want simply to tell you that I am taking this opportunity to look into some of the problems of this part of Nebraska.

I am sorry that the Governor is not here because of illness, but I expect to see him in Des Moines next Thursday. I am glad that the State is so well represented by my old friend, Congressman Coffee, who is with us today.

I want particularly to learn something at first hand about what you have done in this part of the State in relation to summer fallowing. As I understand it, you have taken the lead in this, and that is at least partly responsible for your making as much as a 20 percent crop. There are a great many sections of the country that have not made any crop.

I want also to hear about the progress of the cattle-purchasing program here on the part of the Federal Government.

All of these things are tying in together. I am confident that we shall have in this State the same fine cooperation on the part of local government and its citizens with the State and Federal Governments that I have found everywhere I have gone on my travels.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Remarks at Sidney, Nebraska. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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