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Remarks at a Rally at Sun Center Studios in Chester Township, Pennsylvania

September 22, 2016

Thank you. It's wonderful to be here in Pennsylvania.

Great polls keep coming in. A brand new Rasmussen poll has us up 5 points nationwide.

On November 8th, we are going to win this state and we are going to win the White House.

We are going to replace our failed and corrupt establishment with a new government that serves you, your family, and your country.

At the center of our society is going to be a simple promise to every American: safety.

We are going to Make America Safe Again.

The rioting in our streets is a threat to all peaceful citizens. It must be ended.

The main victims of these violent demonstrations are law-abiding African-Americans who live in these communities and only want to raise their children in peace.

Who is looking out for them?

For every one violent disruptor, there are thousands of moms and dads in those same communities who just want their kids to be able to walk home safely from school.

To all our citizens, in all of our inner cities, and all across the country, I say these words to you tonight: I'm with you and I will fight for you.

The job of a leader is to stand in someone else's shoes and see things from their perspective. Hillary Clinton calls people who don't support her deplorable, and irredeemable. I call anyone who doesn't support me an American citizen who is entitled to equal representation under the law.

I will be a President for all Americans, and I will campaign for every last vote, in every last community.

I will extend my hand to every mayor in this country who wants to be a partner in making our cities safer for their citizens.

But to do this, we must work with our police – not against our police.

Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society – a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent – share directly in the responsibility for the unrest that is afflicting our country and hurting those who have the very least.

Low-income African-Americans in these communities are the ones suffering in terms of lost jobs, lost property values, and lost lives.

65 people have been shot in the city of Chicago alone since Friday.

The problem is not that there are too many police. The problem is that there are not enough police.

Police are entrusted with immense responsibility, and we must do everything we can to ensure they are properly trained, that they respect all members of the public, and that any wrongdoing is always vigorously addressed.

But our men and women in blue also need our support, our thanks, and our gratitude. They are the line separating civilization from chaos.

Hillary Clinton does not have to worry about the sirens and the gunshots at night. No, it's the poor family living in the inner city – it's the mother who feels like a refugee in her own country.

Who is there to represent these families?

Hillary Clinton doesn't want to hear their voices. So I will be their voice, and I will be a voice for all of the forgotten Americans in this country. People who just want a secure community for their families, good schools for the kids, and a good-paying job to support their loved ones.

We will bring security to our African-American communities, and to our Latino communities. We will also bring school choice, and new prosperity.

Democrats have run our inner cities for more than half a century. It's time for change – it's time for a New American Future.

My economic agenda can be summed up in three very beautiful words: jobs, jobs, jobs.

My opponent likes to say that for decades, she has been "fighting for women." That she has been "fighting for children." Why then are 70 million American women and children living in poverty, or on the brink of poverty? Why has she provided no relief for the millions of Americans in search of affordable, reliable quality childcare? You know the old saying, "Watch what I do, not what I say."

At the Trump Organization, and in my campaign for President, women occupy some of the highest positions. I have employed thousands of women in my company. Women of different backgrounds. Women of many talents.

And just last week here in Pennsylvania, I was joined by my daughter, Ivanka, and I laid out my plan for childcare and eldercare.

We have also talked about improving education, and I will talk about it more tonight. A first-class public school education, as well as options for alternatives through charter schools, school choice, and homeschooling, is a right, not a privilege. The opportunity to attend a two or four-year college, or to pursue a trade or a skill set through vocational and technical education, should be easier to access, pay for, and finish. Education is the bedrock of our society.

Women also value security. They want a Commander-in-Chief that will defeat radical Islamic terrorism and protect our borders. As I campaign across this country, I hear so many stories and pleas, from women especially, about drug addiction and opioid use. They are doing their best in their communities and for their families to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

But even the best-laid plans cannot always protect our youth, and increasingly, many adults, from the scourge of drugs. We lose thousands of our fellow Americans every year to opioid use. I will stop the drug inflow from our borders. These drugs come over the border and make their way into our urban and rural communities, and into our suburbs.

This must change. Every change starts with a conversation. Together, we will have this conversation. And we will make this change.

The changes will start immediately.

On my first day in office, I am going to immediately begin lifting all regulations that are hurting our workers and our businesses.

This will unleash a technology revolution. America will become the best place to innovate and to invest in the future. The next great American invention, the next great improvement to our lives, is right around the corner. All we have to do is remove the red tape.

Our plan includes one of the biggest tax reforms in American history. It's going to include a 15% tax rate for all businesses, small and large, making our country a magnet for new jobs.

We are going to unleash an American Energy Revolution. Oil, coal, natural gas, shale energy, and renewables. This will add at least half a million new jobs every single year.

But to be a prosperous nation, we need to be a country that makes and builds things in our own country.

That is why I will direct the Department of Commerce to identify every single violation of our trading rules by our foreign competitors. We will apply every lawful remedy to end these trade abuses.

Steel jobs, and all manufacturing jobs, will be returning to Pennsylvania in a very big way.

Your state has lost one-third of your manufacturing jobs since NAFTA, and one-fourth of your manufacturing jobs since China joined the World Trade Organization. These were both Bill Clinton deals backed by Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons robbed Pennsylvania, stole your jobs, and shipped them to other countries – we are going to bring them back.

Jobs will come flowing back in all over America.

It used to be that cars were made in Flint and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico. Today, the cars are made in Mexico and you can't drink the water in Flint.

We're going to turn it all around.

There's a reason the hedge fund managers are all donating to Hillary Clinton's campaign – and not mine. Everybody getting rich off the rigged system, and who wants nothing to change, are throwing their money at Hillary Clinton.

My campaign is powered by my own money, and by small dollar donations from everyday patriotic citizens.

95% of our donors are small dollar donations. Every dollar helps us deliver your country back to you – visit to find out how you can help our movement.

Let me tell you what else we're going to do.

One of the biggest problems facing young people and families today is the cost of college education. The cost of college has increased by over 500% since 1973.

But what a lot of people don't know is that universities get massive tax breaks for their massive endowments. These huge multi-billion dollar endowments are tax-free, but too many of these universities don't use the money to help with tuition and student debt.

Instead, these universities use the money to pay their administrators, or put donors' names on buildings, or just store the money away. In fact, many universities spend more on private equity fund managers than tuition programs.

But they should be using the money on the students – for tuition, for student life, and for student housing.

On top of that, the federal government spends over $70 billion in higher education every year, plus another $130 billion on federal loans.

Here again, the universities don't use the money to reduce the price of college – but to increase it.

We have to break this cycle. I'm going to work with Congress on reforms to make sure that if universities want access to all of these special federal tax breaks and tax dollars – paid for by you – that they are making a good faith effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt, and to spend their endowments on their own students.

Another major issue for all American families is healthcare. President Obama promised Obamacare would reduce the cost of healthcare by $2,500 dollars. Instead, the opposite happened – the cost of healthcare has increased nearly $5,000 dollars during that time.

Just one more Washington lie – like the lie that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

It's a disaster.

That is why, on my first day, I am going to ask Congress to immediately send me a bill to repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare.

We are going to replace government-run Obamacare with reforms that put patients first. These reforms include expanding access to popular Healthcare Savings Accounts, empowering Americans to shop for the insurance of their choice across state lines, and block granting Medicaid to the states so they can design innovative solutions to best serve our most vulnerable citizens.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wants to give Obamacare to illegal immigrants and wants a total government takeover of healthcare.

Her plan also gives Social Security and Medicare to illegal immigrants, by making them citizens – bankrupting these programs for Americans.

She doesn't understand how Democracy works. Public servants are just that – they're there to serve you. But the only people Hillary Clinton has ever served are the special interests.

Our campaign is about breaking-up the special interest monopoly in Washington, D.C. We're trying to disrupt the collusion between the wealthy donors, the large corporations, and the media executives.

They're all part of the same political establishment. They go to the same restaurants, they attend the same conferences, they have the same friends and connections. They all support the same ideology of globalism that makes them rich while shipping your jobs, your factories, and your wealth to other countries.

I am not running to be President of the World. I am running to be President of the United States. I Am For America – and America First.

Together, we will rebuild this country beyond our greatest dreams.

Government will start working again. Fixing things is what I do. Just look at my projects in New York, where I turned rundown spaces into new centers of business, activity and opportunity – where others saw only problems, I saw only potential.

We turned empty lots into homes, offices and living memories for thousands of workers and families.

That's what I want to do for our country – I want to go into the neglected neighborhoods, the failing schools, the forgotten stretches of this nation, and unlock their potential for all of our people.

I've made a living for years looking at unused spaces and imagining what they could be. Politicians look at blighted neighborhoods and offer only excuses – I look at those same neighborhoods and offer solutions.

We spend so much time thinking about how things used to be, we've stopped thinking about how great things could be – all we have to do is tune out the doubters, the cynics, and the naysayers.

We are a nation of strivers, dreamers, and believers – and that's the spirit that will carry us to victory in November, and to great victories as a nation.

It's that same spirit of resilience I have seen visiting the flood-ravaged towns in Louisiana, or meeting with the incredible but hard-hit people in cities and towns like Flint, Michigan.

It's that spirit of strength we will need to start winning again as a country.

But that means you need to show up and vote on November 8th.

You have to knock on doors. You have to pick up that phone. Go to our website to learn more. You have to campaign on the streets. Spread the love that we have in this room to the people of our country. To beat the system, you have to lift your voice, pound the pavement, and get out the vote.

You have 46 days to change the world. You have 46 days to make possible every dream you ever dreamed of for your country.

You have one magnificent chance to deliver justice for every forgotten man, woman and child in this nation.

The arrogance of Washington, D.C. will soon come face to face with the righteous verdict of the American voter.

This November 8th, we are going to show the whole world that America is Back – Bigger and Better and Stronger than Ever Before.

Here is just some of what will happen starting in January of 2017:

I am going to lower your taxes; eliminate every unnecessary regulation; unleash American energy; appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution of the United States; close our border to terrorists, save the 2nd amendment; and put American workers first.

We will rebuild our roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, schools and hospitals.

American cars will travel the roads, American planes will soar in the skies, and American ships will patrol the seas.

American steel will send new skyscrapers into the clouds.

American hands will rebuild this nation – and American energy, harvested from American sources, will power this nation. American workers will be hired to do the job.

We will put new American steel into the spine of this country.

I will fight for every neglected part of this nation – and I will fight to bring us all together as One American People.

Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as One People, under One God, saluting One American Flag.

It is time to break with the bitter failures of the past, and to embrace a new, inclusive and prosperous American future.

Jobs will return, incomes will rise, and new factories will come rushing onto our shores.

Once more, we will have a government of, by and for the people.

We Will Make America Wealthy Again.

We Will Make America Strong Again.

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And We Will Make America Great Again.

Thank you, and God Bless!

NOTE: As prepared for delivery.

Donald J. Trump, Remarks at a Rally at Sun Center Studios in Chester Township, Pennsylvania Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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