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Remarks Prior to a Meeting With President Jair Messias Bolsonaro of Brazil and an Exchange With Reporters in Osaka, Japan

June 28, 2019

President Trump. Thank you very much, everybody. We're with a gentleman who had one of the greatest election wins anywhere in the world, as far as I'm concerned, and he was very proud of his relationship with President Trump: President of Brazil. And he's a special man, doing very well, very much loved by the people of Brazil. And I think we can say that Brazil and the United States are as close or closer as they've ever been. So I just want to welcome you and say thank you very much, my friend.

President Bolsonaro. Yes, indeed. Thank you very much. It gives me great pleasure to be next to you, Mr. President. I have been a great admirer of you for quite some time, even before your election, and it gives me great honor to be with you.

The two countries we represent have a great deal in common. We're two major countries—great countries—and, together, can do a great deal to the benefit of our two peoples. Brazil is endowed with assets that the world does not have, and I remain available to engage in talks with President Trump to establish a fruitful partnership to the ultimate development of our nations.

I support Trump. I support the United States. I support your upcoming reelection. And I do hope that you will come to Brazil, and you have an open and standing invitation to visit Brazil, even before the upcoming election so that we can showcase to the world that politics in Brazil has indeed changed. And we stand together and ready to work closer and closer with you.

President Trump. Well, thank you very much, Mr. President. And we will come to Brazil. And you do have assets that very few countries can even think about, the assets you have in your land and in your water and in so many other places. You have some of the great assets in the world. And it's a tremendous country with tremendous people, so I look forward to going.

And we're now talking about a lot of trade. We're doing a lot of trade, but we're doing more now than previously, and we have many things to discuss.

Thank you all for being here. Thank you very much.

Q. President Trump, are you going to ask Brazil to take sides on the trade war with China?

Staffer. Excuse me. Translation—translation for the President.

[An interpreter translated President Trump's above remarks into Portuguese for President Bolsonaro.]

President Trump. Thank you very much, everybody.

China-U.S. Trade Relations

Q. Are you going to ask Brazil to take sides in the trade war with China, President?

President Trump. Well, we're going to have a meeting with President Xi of China tomorrow, as you probably have heard. There seems to be a rumor about that, and we are indeed, and we look forward to it. I think it will be productive. And who knows? But I think it will productive. At a minimum, it will be productive. We'll see what happens and what comes out of it.

But we're doing very well as a country. The United States is the hottest country in the world right now and—the economy. And all of the leaders have come up and said it's incredible what's happened with the United States. And they congratulate me and congratulate the people of the United States.

But we are—we're a hot country. We're doing well. So we'll see what happens tomorrow with China.

Q. But how Brazil can help on that? How Brazil can help on that?

President Trump. Help on what?

Q. Help on the trade war with China?

President Trump. Not a question of "help"; it's a question of whether or not we do something. And I think we have a very good chance. We'll see what happens. Ultimately, something will happen, and it will only be good; good things happen.

China-U.S. Trade Relations

Q. Mr. President, do you expect that President Xi is going to put an offer on the table tomorrow for a trade deal?

President Trump. We'll see what happens. You're going to know, maybe, before most. We'll see what happens tomorrow. It will be a very exciting day, I'm sure, for a lot people, including the world. It will be an exciting day. A lot of people are talking about it, and it's very interesting. And it's going to come out, hopefully, well for both countries. And ultimately, it will work out.

China-U.S. Trade Relations

Q. Have you promised China that you won't put anymore new tariffs on for another 6 months?

President Trump. No, I haven't promised. No. Good question. No. [Laughter]

Russia-U.S. Relations/Venezuela

Q. Mr. President, have you discussed Venezuela with President Putin? And do you intend to discuss it in this meeting?

President Trump. I discussed—well, we discussed a lot of things with President Putin. We had a very good meeting with President Putin. And we'll have to see what happens with Venezuela. Venezuela is a—we're behind the free Venezuela 100 percent. We'll see what happens.

Venezuela/U.S. Democratic Presidential Debates

Q. So did you lose momentum on Venezuela, President Trump?

President Trump. No, not at all. No. No. Things take time. But we're behind a certain group of people; you know who the people are. We're behind the people of Venezuela; that's who we're really behind, more than anything else. And we've been helping them a lot. We've been bringing a lot of food and a lot of medical and a lot of other things to Venezuela.

And we're working with Colombia very closely—with Colombia—to help. Because, really, it's a humanitarian crisis. That just shows what socialism can do.

You know, I've been watching the debates a little bit, in between meetings, and I wasn't impressed. But when you look at the socialism and you look at what it can do—that's what you're talking about there. And that's become like the Socialist Party. In fact, I heard—there's a rumor the Democrats are going to change the name of the party from the "Democrat Party" to the "Socialist Party." I'm hearing that. But let's see if they do it. Okay? Thank you all very much.

NOTE: The President spoke at 3:31 p.m. at the International Exhibition Center. In his remarks, he referred to President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin of Russia. President Bolsonaro spoke in Portuguese, and his remarks were translated by an interpreter.

Donald J. Trump, Remarks Prior to a Meeting With President Jair Messias Bolsonaro of Brazil and an Exchange With Reporters in Osaka, Japan Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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