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Remarks in Morristown, New Jersey

October 08, 1996

One of my favorite songs is "Raindrops Keep Falling On Your Head." Remember that song? Yes. Well, it's great to be here and I'll promise you one more thing, if I carry New Jersey I'll be the next president of the United States, make no mistake about it.


I'm sorry Elizabeth cannot be here. She's, I think in Connecticut or on her way to Michigan. She is so smart and so talented Eleanor Roosevelt's trying reach her.


And I just told — Chuck Haytaian said to send all your cleaning bills to him, so don't worry about a thing. All right. I'll take just a couple of minutes because I know some people are in the rain. Yeah, I can think of one. But in any event, this election is about America, this election is about our future, this election is about keeping your word. It's about trust. Who do you want in charge of the White House as we go into the next century. All right.


If I make a promise, as Governor or candidate Whitman made a promise when she was running for governor that she will cut your taxes, I will say the same and I'll have the signing ceremony in the state of New Jersey. Right here in New Jersey.


We're cut taxes, we're going to balance the budget, we're going to cut the capital gains rate in half to create more jobs and more opportunities in the private sector.


And we're also going to have a rain tax. If it rains you get a tax credit for rain, whatever it is.


But let me just say a couple of more things. First of all, Chuck Haytaian said if people came out in the rain to hear you that means you're going to carry this state and I hope that's true.


How did we do in the debate the other night? All right?


And what do you think of Jack Kemp as a running mate?

Now, keep in mind Dole-Kemp, those two four-letter words you can teach your kids, Dole and Kemp, teach your kids for the future.

CROWD: Dole-Kemp, Dole-Kemp, Dole-Kemp, Dole-Kemp, Dole-Kemp.

DOLE: And don't forget to watch tomorrow night, Jack Kemp will be on television with Gore. They going in four, Clinton and Gore, gone in four, Clinton and Gore. That's way — those are the words.

And let me say, I'll be out again a week from Wednesday out in San Diego. I want to thank all the veterans who are out here today, too. I'm very proud of the veterans.


Let's win this election, not for Bob Dole, not for anybody I even know, but for your children and your grandchildren and the people who are trying to make it work and trying to make ends meet and believe in values like honesty and decency and integrity and putting America first. Not some selfish careers or anything else.

DOLE: I'm talking about anybody in general. Let me say this, Bob Dole keeps his word.

You can ask any Democrat or Republican I've ever worked with. They'll tell you that I keep my word. We're going to cut your taxes. We're going to get the economy growing again. We're going to create real jobs and opportunities for men and women all across America.


And when Bill Clinton's back in Little Rock, he'll get the tax cut, too.


So let me thank you all for coming. I got a feeling it may rain here any moment. So let me thank you all for coming. Let me ask for your support. Let me ask for your help. Reach and touch somebody, bring them to the polls on November 5, and we will win the election. And we will go into the next century a better country and that's what the election's all about.

It's about America, the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Thank you very much.


God Bless America.

Robert Dole, Remarks in Morristown, New Jersey Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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